Access the Latest Technology with Adage’s Recent Product Updates

Technology is always advancing. One of our commitments to our clients is to ensure that what we offer aligns with the latest technologies available. This means you can access the flexibility and functionalities you need to make the most of Adage products. 

Over the last year, we’ve been updating our products so they can be installed and upgraded with the latest versions of technology available.  

Tessitura API Upgrade 

Adage products now connect to Tessitura v16 API. For our Tessitura and Adage product users, this means additional fields, controls, and business logic generated in Tessitura are accessible in Adage products.  

We’ve updated the API so that our products communicate properly with v16. The core part of this upgrade is done on the backend of Adage products. We switched our Tessitura integration to use the compiled Software Development Kit that Tessitura will be using moving forward. This means that future Tessitura upgrades should be easier to incorporate into the products. Now that the connection is in place, we can focus on incorporating additional functionality. 

Along with the Tessitura API upgrade, Adage’s ACE Commerce platform is officially updated to use Tessitura Merchant Services. 

.NET Core Update 

Adage products have been updated to use Microsoft’s latest platform version. By updating the structure of our products to run on .NET Core, users will benefit from increased flexibility on how the product operates and performance improvements.  

This product update opens a pathway to make new Microsoft tools available in our products. 

ACE Commerce® and Umbraco 

New versions of Umbraco are coming out, and we’ll be moving our ACE Commerce product to Umbraco 13. This means that ACE Commerce users will have access to more features and functionality, experience better performance, and gain more control. 

To thrive in the technology industry, it is critical for products to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology. Harnessing new technology positions Adage to do more and do better in offering top-tier products designed to meet customer needs.  

Learn more about our products, ACE Commerce® and SmartSeat today.

Adage Product Update

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