Adage ID

Expand your brand for digital.

Adage ID is for organizations looking to expand their brand identity into a flexible design system for use across digital touchpoints. Whether built in conjunction with a website redesign or rebranding effort, or employed as a standalone improvement, Adage ID furthers your brand identity into usable assets for consistent activation, wherever you show up in digital.

How It Works

Brand Discovery

We’ll collect stakeholder input on your brand’s values, vision, and strengths through workshops and surveys to clarify your brand’s purpose.

Competitive Audit

Putting your brand up against competitors in your region or category, we’ll identify gaps in the market and areas of distinction for brand expansion.

Visual Concepts

Based on the growth areas and insights identified, we’ll design mood boards to bring your brand expansion to life and align with your brand strategy.

Brand Development

Finally, we’ll refine the chosen concept into a scalable system, tangible assets, and a guidebook for use.

How does this complement a website redesign?

Beginning a website redesign with Adage ID allows us to focus on creating a digital-ready brand identity, enabling brand-level decisions outside the scope of a website design. Then, we'll take what we've learned through Adage ID and pair it with a discovery process focused on users, interactions, and your site experience.

Our Focus Areas


We’ll expand your color palette through additional swatches and tints, and identify digital-safe combinations for use.


Ensuring your typography is legible for all audiences, we’ll recommend scale and usage.


Whether it’s iconography, photography, patterns, or crop treatments, we’ll expand your brand elements and create a series of new assets.


Pulling it all together, we’ll release a guidebook with your new brand assets, usage and best practices for implementation on digital mediums.

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