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Agile ScrumDesign Thinking

Defining Design Thinking with MVP’s

The term "design thinking" has been heard quite a lot in various fields or sectors such as education, business, technology, advertising, and more. But it is important to understand what it is and what it brings to our day-to-day.  Design thinking is a methodology that uses dynamic, participatory practices to solve problems. It is an important methodology when defining digital…
Vince Scarlata
February 23, 2024

Alert! Learn About the Most Prevalent Ecommerce Security Attacks

Online sales in any product sector are indispensable. As consumers shop more online than ever before, the security of these online sales sites is fundamental to providing an excellent shopping experience. Physical stores have security measures like alarms and cameras. So, let’s see what can be implemented to ensure the security of an ecommerce site.  Direct Fraud  This is the…
Carlos Rodríguez
February 13, 2024
ACE CommerceArts, Culture & EntertainmentSmartSeat

Access the Latest Technology with Adage’s Recent Product Updates 

Technology is always advancing. One of our commitments to our clients is to ensure that what we offer aligns with the latest technologies available. This means you can access the flexibility and functionalities you need to make the most of Adage products.  Over the last year, we’ve been updating our products so they can be installed and upgraded with the…
Leonor Alfonso
January 29, 2024
Industry InsightsOptimizely

Optimizely Features to Take Advantage of in 2024 

Last year, the Adage team attended Opticon 2023. We got a glimpse into what Optimizely accomplished this year and the roadmap ahead. Optimizely has several new initiatives planned for next year as well as enhancements to their existing technologies.   From AI assistants to collaborative experimentation projects, Optimizely releases are designed to help organizations advance their digital experiences. Now is the…
Glenn Lalas
January 3, 2024
Man smiling at workIndustry InsightsStaff Augmentaion

Three Core Business Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

Every company is trying to determine the best way to navigate the ever-changing technological landscape. Whether it’s trying to complete a project to meet business goals, starting a new project in technology you don’t have expertise in, or simply increasing your internal capacity, companies need a flexible, cost-effective solution that furthers long-term needs.   Enter staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is ideal…
Kyle Sandine
November 29, 2023
Man talking to other personIndustry Insights

Philanthropy Update: End-of-Year Giving Campaigns 2023

End-of-year giving is a critical component of most fundraising plans. Upwards of 30% of all philanthropic giving is done in the last two months of the calendar year1. In 2023, end-of-year campaigns are expected to play a more critical role than ever, because while charitable giving overall is strong in the US, the donor pool is shrinking2.  The holiday season…
Barbara Mazer
October 25, 2023
young woman looking at laptopAssociationsDigital Transformation

Self-Service Portals: The Key to Improving Membership Value 

There are two questions your association has probably been asking itself for a while. How do we increase the value of our membership? And what are ways to attract and retain younger members?   One commonly discussed solution is to invest in a self-service membership portal. But while self-service membership portals are a hot topic of conversation for associations, they aren’t…
Jake Toohey
October 11, 2023
woman listening in officeDigital TransformationFor Marketers

Ways to Fund Your Digital Presence Investment

Are you considering a digital marketing project – like a website redesign or feature enhancement - but are not sure how to pay for it? Your digital marketing presence is critical to your success, so you can’t afford to NOT invest in your digital presence. However, as much of Adage’s work is with non-profit, mission-based companies, we understand that securing…
Barbara Mazer
September 27, 2023
Women looking at computerDevelopmentUmbraco

Unlocking Your Website’s Full Potential:  Why Umbraco CMS is the Clear Choice Over WordPress   

In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, having a robust Content Management System (CMS) is paramount for businesses striving to deliver exceptional online experiences. With so many options available, choosing the right CMS is daunting.    Two popular CMS choices are Umbraco and WordPress. While both have their merits, Umbraco stands out as the powerful and flexible solution with distinct advantages…
Mike Avello
September 13, 2023

Mitigate Economic Risk Through Strategic Digital Planning

Various sectors have experienced significant challenges throughout this current era of economic uncertainty. While some industries continue to thrive, others have grappled with unexpected decreases in their projected performance for 2023. The dynamic nature of the economic landscape makes it difficult to form accurate predictions, leading to opposing outlooks among experts. While some say we’re in a recession, others maintain…
Brian Hill
August 30, 2023
Man writing on whiteboardEcommerceFor IT

Unraveling the Monolith: A Guide to Successful Microservices Architecture Migration

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance their software development and deployment processes. One significant shift that has gained momentum is the migration from monolithic architecture to microservices architecture. This blog aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this migration journey, its benefits, challenges, and best practices. Understanding Monolithic Architecture…
Sandra Delgado
August 16, 2023
ACE CommerceSmartSeat

Adage Product Update

Hi there! Leonor here, Adage’s new(ish) Director of Product. I’m excited to be sharing with you some of the awesome things our team has been up to in the past year – we’ve been busy! We’ve upgraded SmartSeat and ACE Commerce®   SmartSeat has had 7 releases in the past year, ACE Commerce has had 4 releases. In terms of…
Leonor Alfonso
August 4, 2023
women smiling while sitting with laptopInnovation

Using Generative AI: Tips to Get Started

With the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI) comes a new tool for people to learn and leverage. It’s a valuable resource for creative and technical roles alike. Recently I worked with AI tools ChatGPT and AutoGPT to help me build a complicated taxonomy. Though the purpose for which I used it is very specific, the lessons learned are applicable…
Molly Lee
August 2, 2023
Woman looking at computerDesign ThinkingUser Experience Design

The What, When, and Why of User Testing

Successful digital experiences solve users’ problems before they know they have them. Whether it’s how users should navigate through the website to find the info they need, or if they need to move through an easy and intuitive ecommerce path, understanding the user experience is vital to the growth of your business.   User testing allows organizations to understand how users interact…
Amy Tolle
July 18, 2023
man sitting in conference room smiling with computerAccessibilityUser Experience Design

Busting 3 Accessibility Myths

Despite being a hot topic, web accessibility is still a mystery to many people. There are a lot of misconceptions about accessibility guidelines, and what it takes to make a website more accessible. Let's explore three common accessibility myths and uncover why they aren't true.  “Our audience doesn’t need accessibility features”  Have you ever rolled a stroller or luggage through…
Jess Brown
July 5, 2023
Man sitting in conference roomDigital TransformationEcommerce

4 Features for a Successful B2B Search Strategy

Search plays a vital role in B2B ecommerce. The better your search functions, the easier it is for customers to find the products they need, and the faster the company makes a sale. But what do you need for an effective search function for B2B websites? Let’s explore four key features every company should implement for a robust search experience. …
Brian Hill
June 20, 2023