Ways to Fund Your Digital Presence Investment

Are you considering a digital marketing project – like a website redesign or feature enhancement – but are not sure how to pay for it? Your digital marketing presence is critical to your success, so you can’t afford to NOT invest in your digital presence. However, as much of Adage’s work is with non-profit, mission-based companies, we understand that securing the budget for a digital project can be a challenge. 

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Here are some tips to help you fund the digital project of your dreams: 

Grant Research 

Did you know you can apply for grants to fund your digital project? Websites like Grant Watch and Foundation Center offer online directories of available grants, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy lists recent grant awards. Do some research on who funded projects for organizations similar to yours, and you may also be eligible for support. 

Bring in a New Sponsor 

Many corporations have philanthropic giving areas that include education, outreach, and community development. Does your website provide these resources? Could it, with some additional design and development work? One thing we learned during COVID shutdowns is that audiences who may never set foot in your facility can greatly benefit from what you have to offer, if it’s available online. It may be worth approaching a potential corporate sponsor to fund the research, design, and build of an online educational library or live-streamed events to enhance your current digital footprint. 

Launch a Special Campaign 

Is there a past Board Chair or current leader who is especially interested in bringing new audiences and supporters to your organization? Launching a digital outreach initiative is a great way to expand your reach, which may be of interest to your long-time supporters. Gather a few potential supporters together and ask them to issue a matching challenge to fund the digital project. 

Alternatively, who has complained about your website recently? Do any of the complainers have the means to support a digital project? Meet with them to hear their recommendations and see if you can get them on board with being part of the solution. Investing the time to gather and meet with a digital task force may help get you the financial support you need. 

Get Your Team On Board 

My colleague Brian Hill published a blog, “Mitigate Economic Risk Through Strategic Digital Planning,” which outlines the importance of strategic digital planning. Take a few minutes to learn why it’s critical to invest in digital planning. He highlights some great reasons to help get your team and leadership on board with your effort. 

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