Google Optimize is Going Away. What’s Next?

A/B testing is a common tool found in marketing playbooks. Marketers use A/B testing to learn what content resonates with their audience, compare headline performance, and gather data on UX/UI changes. About a decade ago, Google released Google Optimize, a free software that allows users to conduct A/B testing on your website and measure any noticeable changes. 

Earlier this year Google announced they will be sunsetting Google Optimize on September 30, 2023. And users are exploring software options to continue their website A/B testing.  

Options to Replace Google Optimize 

There are many different software options to transition your A/B testing to. Each comes with its own pros, cons, and price tag. As you assess which software will be best for your team, be sure to take the time to evaluate the various features each software offers, testing options, and how it supports your organization’s long-term goals. 

Two Google Optimize alternatives we’re recommending to clients are:  

  • Optimizely: The top dollar option, Optimizely was the first platform to legitimize A/B testing. They offer top of the line A/B testing software and use a proprietary statistical mapping to indicate performance differences within an A/B test.  
  • Visual Website Optimizer: A less pricy option is Visual Website Optimizer (VWO). They offer a free version that your team can use with options to pay for upgrades that include additional features.  

When evaluating any A/B testing software, it’s important to understand that although they all work similarly, each one uses its own methodology. You’ll also find differences in the types of text, visual, and code editors they provide.  

How A/B Test Transfers Work 

Once you select a new A/B testing software, you’ll need to begin the process of transferring over any tests you’ll be running when the switch happens. 

Transferring tests is not easy. Since each software uses its own code base, it’s unlikely to be a direct transfer. The complexity of your A/B test can also affect how difficult it is to transfer.   

Tips to Successfully Switch A/B Testing Software 

To make your switch to a new A/B testing software as smooth as possible, keep in mind these tips: 

  • Plan Ahead. If you have a robust A/B testing strategy already established, you should be planning your tests months out in advance. This means you can plan to have tests end on your old software before the switch date.  
  • Export your data. You’ll have until Google Optimize’s sunset date (September 30, 2023) to access and export your data. Try not to wait until the last minute to export your data. You’ll want time to review everything that you’ve exported and make sure that nothing is missing.  
  • Recreate your running tests. If you’ve successfully planned ahead; you’ll know which tests will be running on Google Optimize’s sunset date. Make time to recreate those tests in your new platform ahead of time. Generally, you should be planning 3 months ahead. With that timing you should be well-prepared to recreate your tests. 

The loss of Google Optimize is certainly one that’s going to affect a lot of marketers. It’s also a reminder about the risk we take whenever we rely on free tools: they can go away at any time. But with proper planning, you can move your A/B tests to a new platform with minimal disruption. 

As an Optimizely Gold Partner and with analytics experts on staff, we can help you pick the right A/B        testing platform to meet your digital needs.

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