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ACE Commerce® Add-Ons

Suggest additional performances for your patrons to add to their cart before checkout.

About ACE Commerce Add-Ons

There’s always room for one more.

Add-Ons allow performing arts organizations to upsell additional performances to customers in the purchase path. The page typically appears after a user has selected their seats for a performance or subscription. The most common use of add-ons is upselling additional performances during a subscription purchase, which is supported out of the box, but this flexible feature can be customized for a variety of programming


Using personalization, deliver dynamic recommendations that will pair well with other productions in a user’s cart or their purchase history.

CMS Control

In the CMS, admins can strategically control when the page displays during checkout.

Offer More

Go beyond performances and offer add-ons like parking, VIP experiences or on-site dining reservations.

ACE Commerce Add-Ons Clients

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