Custom Ecommerce and Streamlined Checkout Path for The Met Museum

The Met Museum is a premier art museum and cultural hub famously located in New York City. Boasting over 5,000 years of art, the museum was founded in 1870 to collect, study, conserve, and present significant works of art from across the world. The Met is a New York City staple and welcomes millions of visitors in-person and virtually every year. Having an ecommerce platform that met their needs was a necessary next step.

The Problem

The Met came to Adage looking to revamp their ecommerce capabilities. They wanted their ecommerce platform to match the excellence of their museum experience. Updates were slow and difficult to implement on the old platform, making it a challenge to upsell and run promotional offers.

The Met wanted to streamline their ecommerce and give their team more flexibility to target customers with promotions, memberships, and more throughout the purchasing path.

Why ACE Commerce

The Met chose Adage’s ACE Commerce to meet their ecommerce needs and enhance the virtual experience for their guests. The ecommerce platform provides a seamless integration with Tessitura and is full of customizable features that are proven to engage patrons and generate more revenue. ACE Commerce was built with arts organizations in mind and is fully responsive and customizable to each organization’s individual needs.

With ACE Commerce, The Met was able to set up unique checkout paths that heightened the user experience and allowed them to make necessary changes to the messaging and pricing on their schedule. Upsell capabilities, dynamic pricing, and new ways to capture contributions helped to increase revenue while streamlining the checkout path for patrons.

Streamlined Checkout Path

Adage updated the checkout path for The Met, fully integrating it with Tessitura. Adage developers ensured the checkout path was easy to navigate for customers who were purchasing entry tickets, memberships, and more through the purchase path.

The new platform intuitively moves users from cart to confirmation as quickly and easily as possible for a heightened user experience.

Cross Promotions and Upsell Capabilities

The Met needed an ecommerce platform that would provide integrated, on-page upsell suggestions for patrons when purchasing admission tickets. ACE Commerce gives the museum the ability to cross sell exhibits, add-ons, memberships, and accept donations throughout the checkout path and the order confirmation while keeping the process sleek and efficient.

Quick Content Changes in Checkout Path

The Met struggled to make quick changes to the content throughout the purchasing path until they switched to ACE Commerce. Now, the team has full control and can create dynamic messaging at all points of interaction with customers, including confirmation emails. All edits are fast, efficient, and completely on The Met’s terms.

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