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Do you experience any of these common complaints? Find out why Adage is different.

My developer responds to me but it takes a long time to get anything done ... they seem to have gotten busy with another client.

We always respond to customer requests … big or small. We have support offerings that provide you and your web project with support options that fit within your budget.

When I request a change, changes are made and other problems appear in the application.

While we cannot solve everything in minutes, every client is important and we will always respond to a customer request.

When making enhancements, it seems like we take one step forward and two steps back.

We are serious about regression testing of all our work that negates what we call the “domino effect” of changes in one part of the web or ecommerce site affecting another area of functionality.

The developer we were working with left the company and no one else at the company understands that technology/product/tool.

We have carefully chosen our technology platform and applications we support.  Every Adage developer can step into a project where needed.

The firm we chose for our project does not understand our complex business needs.

Our comprehensive discovery process ensures we first understand your business challenges and then design and build a site that matches your vision and unique business needs.

The company and team I was working with was great but they went out of business.

We are stable, profitable, and growing.  We have been delivering web sites and web applications to a wide variety of companies since 2001.

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