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Digital Strategy Services

Empathy for real people is the basis for inspiration, ideation, and insight

All strategy services no matter the size start with discovery. From conversion optimization and content strategy engagements to full-scale digital transformation we start by asking who, what, why and why again.

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Seek Understanding

All Strategy services, no matter the size, start with discovery.

From conversion optimization and content strategy engagements to full-scale digital transformation, we start by seeking understanding who, what, and why.


Who are we serving?

Seeking understanding is the core value at Adage that underlies our desire and approach to learning what makes each organization unique.

What are their needs?

Our experience guiding large scale digital journeys has taught us that success requires a guiding vision. The vision definition Adage Align℠ provides core principles that drive, filter, and prioritize.

What will the new experience be like?

A vision is only as strong as its ability to guide. We answer "what will the ideal experience be like?" with both visionary story boards and actionable technical mapping.

How do we fulfill the need?

Every Adage Align℠ engagement provides detailed roadmaps outlining near, mid, and long term goals. Your roadmaps are immediately actionable and lead to early successes that build momentum and buy-in.

Digital Strategy Capabilities

Strategy Workshops

Vision & Discovery

Audience Research & Discovery

Brand Strategy

Competitive Analysis

Data Driven Strategy

Strategic Roadmap

Semantic profiling

Digital Strategy Approach

Web design showing modern page layout, color palette and typography for SFJAZZ by Adage Tech

Provide a better customer/user/digital experience

The expectations of your site visitors are constantly evolving. Interacting with your organization should be seamless on any platform and provide visitors with the information or products they seek with ease. With your unique organizational challenges in mind, our experts will show you how to deliver a frictionless digital experience that keeps users coming back. Learn more about the techniques involved in AdageOptimize. 

Increase customer/member engagement

Organizations with a personalization strategy realize a significant increase in member or buyer loyalty. This directly correlates to better ROI and increased revenue. Personas, AI and machine learning drive individualized content, product recommendations, and automated messages. Adage will recommend a personalization strategy that compliments your organization’s unique needs, budget, and digital maturity.

Association Members Gathered in a large exhibition hall at annual conference
San Francisco Opera Seating Map built with SVGs using Adage ACE Commerce - Venue Builder Ties SVG seat maps to your Tessitura implementation

Decrease cart abandonment

No matter your company’s size or industry, business leaders must have a comprehensive eCommerce strategy. This transformation is not optional, but rather imperative to the future success and survival of your organization in the new, e-commerce driven world. An eCommerce strategy unique to your organization will decrease cart abandonment and increase average order value and online revenue. Adage is fully-equipped to handle complex integrations and customizations specific to your organization with proven success.

Business Strategy

Fear of change and change management issues are the crux to many organizations’ ability to grow. We offer the guidance and expertise needed to take advantage of an iterative, agile process in multiple facets of your organization.

Grow your business

A growth strategy is required to properly assess your current situation, document growth goals, and put a successful plan in place. Adage experts will provide the tools to break down siloes and achieve operational alignment.

Solve complex business challenges

Lack of clarity, siloed departments, and slow decision-making are a few signs of misalignment in your organization. Adage can help align stakeholders, prioritize initiatives, and move projects forward is easier.

Convert more leads

Conversion goals are unique to each organization. Tracking and analyzing user behavior provides a basis for change that will lead to more conversions.
Adage Technologies designers capturing user needs and website goals during a discovery workshop for a client

Adage Optimize SM

With your unique organizational challenges in mind, our experts will show you how to deliver a frictionless digital experience that keeps your audience engaged.

Personalization Strategy

Adage provides a personalization strategy to organizations with a personalization strategy to realize a significant increase in member and buyer loyalty.

Analytics Strategy

Tracking and analyzing user behavior provides a basis for change that will lead to more conversions. Create an analytics strategy that converts.

Ecommerce Strategy

No matter your company’s size or industry, digital leaders must have a comprehensive eCommerce strategy. Adage e-commerce strategy has proven success.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Let Adage be your guide through a strategic prioritization plan, road mapping, or full-scale digital transformation.

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Adage OptimizeSM provides data-driven website optimization: the key to significant ROI

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