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The Adage proven process excels at combining strategy, user experience design (UX/UI), and web development expertise. We bring our industry experience, data-informed decision-making, and passion for purpose to every engagement.

Strategy-Driven, Agile, Design Thinking

Strategists, project managers, and developers work together throughout our process to understand objectives, test our products, and deliver successful eCommerce platforms.


Visioning & Discovery

We start every engagement by focusing our effort on understanding. We want to know all we can about you, your organization and your audience. Understanding drives strategy and vision.

User Experience Design (UX/UI)

Design and prototyping solutions that can be iteratively tested for the best user experience. We design in component systems allowing you control and flexibility.


Highly performant code built to handle high loads and deliver excellent user experiences.

DevOps Deployment

Agile delivery of code is optimized and automated with our DevOps. We've taken the guesswork out of code deployment lowering the risk and saving you time.

Maintenance & Support

Our tiered support offering allows you to combine ongoing improvement with maintenance and support.


Data meets strategy to continuing building on your initial release. We use data to drive decisions and improve website performance.

Working with Adage

Working with the Adage team you can expect us to ask a lot of questions. We start by seeking understanding of you and your audiences. We build a strategy on this foundation of understanding. Our strategy results in an engagement vision statement called an organizing idea. Organizing ideas are user-focused and goal-oriented. Vision drives execution in establishing strong goals and measurable outcomes. We are agile, human-centered, design thinkers.

User Experience Designers at a whiteboard
Thrive in a digital world.

Our team partners with you to solve business problems and meet meaningful goals.

Our Practice Areas

As strategic partners, we leverage a complete toolbelt across disciplines. We work collaboratively with you to find the best solutions. We think there’s value in bringing people together and sharing knowledge across disciplines. For us “our practice” means “our process” is always getting stronger. We use agile values and design thinking to drive our approach. 

A Venn Diagram of Design Thinking


Every engagement begins with strategy. Our strategy practice leads our design thinking approach. We know a people-first approach leads to the most transformative outcomes. We are experts in leading transformational strategy initiatives for digital transformation. From agile, to analytics, to user research and discovery, and content strategy we draw from our diverse backgrounds to create behavior-changing digital experiences. 

User Experience Design

Our human-centered design focuses on people first. Multidisciplinary teams of strategists, designers and developers collaborate on concepts and challenge ideas. We build and test prototypes with end-users and stakeholders, learning from each iteration. Prototypes capture user needs and allow for rapid iteration before investing in fully realized software.


Adage branding services are “digital” first, and result in a holistic design and brand system that works well across devices, screens, and print. We also consider digital accessibility and logo responsiveness (scaling of logos for devices). Our brand practice helps organizations with one brand and many brands establish brand architectures that will support the best user experiences.

Web Development

We develop websites with one goal in mind: to exceed expectations. The platforms we build operate at peak performance and our team is dedicated to the seamless integration of your site’s existing systems. Our code is reliable, managing over $2 billion annually in ticket sales the top-performing arts organizations in the world. Our developers have performed over 250 custom integrations, and we’re always up to the challenge if you have a new one in mind.


We are data-driven, using analytics to create persona-based, journey-centered, solutions. Focusing solely on quantitative data ignores intuition, storytelling, and emotion. Great platforms are built on a keen understanding of audiences and personas. We help clients use data to inform their digital strategy.

Project Management

Our project managers (PMs) create a culture of clear accountability, foster a network of support, and act as a project advocate. To keep our projects moving at an efficient clip we deliver in bite-sized chunks. Project managers walk with you every step of the way to determine how you want to prioritize based on constraints like time, budget, and business value.