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You know you need to make changes to your website or ecommerce site but don’t know where to turn. Adage can help you combine systems, add features, or make an ecommerce site easier to use. Anything below sound familiar?

Our site is old and outdated, it is not truly mobile friendly or accessible. We need to redesign our site.

Depending on your needs, your technology platform, and budget, our design and development teams can help you with everything from a site refresh, a site redesign, or a complete overhaul of your branding and online presence.

Our purchase path is confusing, requires too many steps to complete a purchase and often results in cart abandonment.

Our UX /UI design experts and development teams will evaluate your current purchase path and offer ways to enhance your user experience that fits your time-frame and budget.

We invested a lot of money in technology platforms that we are not able to use.

This needs to be fixed and Adage can help. We believe usability by both external website visitors and internal marketers is as critical as the functionality. Adage will evaluate your analytics and UX needs and help you achieve your goals.

We have a lot of changes we want to make but we cannot get it done with the resources that we have today.

Think of Adage as an extended workforce for you.  We can step in where needed and either deliver a complete updated solution or work with your team to get more work done sooner.  We have a team of experts in all aspects of web and ecommerce development, let them help you!

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