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Pintuco, a premium multinational paint company, is recognized for its excellence, similar to Benjamin Moore in the US. In a significant development, it was acquired by AkzoNobel, the world's third-largest paint company. Over the span of 75 years, Pintuco has consistently grown, driven by its ambition to become a dominant player in all the markets it serves.

Today, Pictuco stands as a company with 27 million gallons in sales, a workforce of 2,500 employees, 6 productive plants, and 3 business units. Its quality paints and coatings have expanded to 11 countries across Latin America, offering innovative and sustainable solutions for homes, construction, infrastructure, industry, and the automotive sector.

This solidifies Pictuco's position as the leading paint company from Central America to the Andean region, distinguished by its consumer-preferred brands, close market engagement, and growth surpassing industry averages

The Problem

For years, the sales team dealt with burdensome administrative tasks, hindering the completion of customer orders. Adding to the challenge, customers were required to communicate exclusively with the sales team to place orders, resulting in delayed responses and both parties feeling frustrated.

Consequently, this diversion from their primary focus hindered the sales team's ability to pursue and secure new business opportunities.

Online B2B Purchasing Portal

Adage designed and developed a customer self-management platform where customers can self-manage their requests including filtering, controllable quantity min/max, discounts, and more.

Dynamic Shipping

The platform enables clients to access real-time visibility into weight requirements and automatically calculates delivery dates. Moreover, clients retain the flexibility to modify delivery dates, ensuring adaptable logistics management tailored to their specific needs.

Web-Based Order History

Users can effortlessly navigate through their order history, portfolio, and credit details. This capability allows for greater control over budgets while ensuring transparency in financial records, facilitating informed decision-making.

For us, it has been a success to have the support of our partner Adage because, in addition to being experts in implementing this type of B2B ecommerce platform, they also have the methodology with which they have been guiding us to carry out the project as successfully as we have had so far.
Mauricio Ramírez
Pintuco - Project Specialist

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