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Argos is a prominent international company in the cement and concrete industry that has established a robust presence in 16 countries and territories, including the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America. 

Boasting a workforce of nearly 7,000 professionals operating across three regions, Argos oversees an extensive infrastructure compromising of:

  • 11 cement plans
  • 197 ready mix plants
  • 9 grinding mills 
  • 7 aggregates plants 
  • 29 ports and terminals 
  • Nearly 1,700 mixer trucks 
  • A fleet of railway wagons and boats

Driven by a formidable total installed capacity of 24 million tons of cement per year, Argos proudly exports its superior products to 25 destinations.

The Problem

Argos was struggling with its call center due to a high number of customers placing orders, which led to decreased satisfaction, delays, and ultimately reduced the quality of service provided to customers. Additionally, the sales force was primarily focused on processing orders and providing order-related information rather than on deepening relationships or acquiring new clients.

This imbalance in priorities hindered their effectiveness. To address these challenges, Argos initiated strategic measures to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and free up time for the sales force to refocus their efforts on more productive tasks.

Increase Selling Time

Adage designed and developed Argos One, a customer self-management platform that empowers users to conveniently place cement and concrete orders online, alleviating call volume, and enhance service efficiency.

Not only does it facilitate sales, but it also provides crucial information for order tracking, account management, quality control, and more.

Microservices Architecture

Transitioning from monolithic to microservices architecture enabled Argos to enhance scalability and agility in their software development.

This better organized teams based on business context, improved development times, and expanded the business knowledge amongst teams.


Designed with multilingual functionality, the Argos One platform caters to a diverse number of users throughout the United States, Colombia, Honduras, and Panama, ensuring seamless usability and accessibility in various regions.

The platform also allows users to easily navigate through the regions without hassle.

Adage adds value and growth to our company through Argos One by providing effective solutions adapted to our needs.
Alex Sarabia
Argos - Digital Solutions Professional

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