Support Your Staff with Customized CMS Training

Moving to a new content management system (CMS) is exciting. The possibilities are endless. Your team is buzzing with ideas about how you can use the new features and improved interface to achieve your organization’s business goals. One way to guarantee your team makes the most of your new CMS is through team training.  

Without training, teams are prone to lose valuable time troubleshooting website changes or spend their limited budget paying third parties to make updates. Specialized training aimed at empowering your team with the right tools is an easy way to set everyone up for success. 

Why Invest in CMS Training? 

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Switching to a new platform is a welcome change for most teams. But it can be challenging to know where to start. Customized training ensures your team can maximize the ROI on your CMS. 

CMS training is an investment designed to bring everyone on your team to the same page. It’s rare for teams to all have the same level of experience with your CMS. Even if you’re using a CMS that team members are familiar with, training for your current website or recently rebuilt site will help identify knowledge gaps, give users confidence, and highlight features that are not being used to the fullest.  Whether you are starting from nothing or have a team with mixed experiences, training sessions can ensure that everyone is in sync with how to operate your website. 

It doesn’t matter if you are curious about the full capabilities of your website or trying to understand best practices, robust training gives your team the time to understand the platform with an expert who can lead them through their biggest pain points. 

Come Prepared to Your CMS Training 

Training is a valuable tool. So, we recommend our clients come prepared for their training sessions. Start by having questions you want answered, no matter how big or small they might seem. We’re happy to answer every question that comes to mind. The goal of training is for you to understand the platform and grow your website. 

Creating a list of pain points your team has experienced with the CMS is another great way to prepare for your training. If you are having issues populating content or working with your specific templates, your trainer prioritizes those problems during your sessions. Each member of your team might have discovered different issues while using the CMS, so make sure to give everyone time to collect their own list before training begins. 

Finally, when you selected your CMS you did so with specific functions in mind. Training sessions are a perfect time to confirm that you’re using the features that align with your must-have list and assess whether there are any features or workarounds that check things off your wish list. One of the core purposes of CMS training is to make sure your staff is properly equipped to accomplish your organization’s goals.  

Training Customized to Meet Your Needs 

Your website was made for you, and your training should be as well. You’re not the only organization using your CMS, but you are the only one using your site. Your company’s goals, digital strategy, and mission will affect which CMS features you use the most and how you use them. Things like your brand guide and style guide will affect how you format elements on different web pages, and your other APIs will affect which CMS-hosted functions you use. Customized training means that you learn about your CMS in a way that’s most relevant to your team, users, and organization. 

Here at Adage, one of our core values is that we are partners for life. We take pride in helping our clients set up a solid foundation to succeed, and this includes setting up time with each team to help them understand their CMS and all it has to offer. 

Our team of experts is excited to share the knowledge we have about the technology you use every day. We believe that a trained team is a successful team, so we give our clients the skills to expand their web presence. 

Interested in getting started? Contact us today!

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