Self-Service Portals: The Key to Improving Membership Value

There are two questions your association has probably been asking itself for a while. How do we increase the value of our membership? And what are ways to attract and retain younger members?  

One commonly discussed solution is to invest in a self-service membership portal. But while self-service membership portals are a hot topic of conversation for associations, they aren’t implemented at the same rate despite their many advantages.  

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Portals are Everywhere 

It’s no secret that members are used to seamless digital experiences. And self-service portals are included in that expectation. Work offers benefits portals, academia student portals, and retail, insurance, and utilities offer customer portals. All these industries reap the benefits of being able to provide a single, cohesive experience where users can find the information they need in one place, manage their own account, and free up customer service. 

Self-Service Portal Benefits 

Self-managed Profiles 

Self-service membership portal put your members in control. In one place, they can easily update all their information, preferences, subscriptions, payment options, and more.  

Credentialing Journey 

Many associations offer various credentialing options, which can be complicated to track. A self-service portal can provide an easy outlet for members to track their credits for different certifications and visually see their progress.  

Benefit Information 

Membership benefits can be complicated. It’s a common problem for members to not fully understand all the benefits included with their membership. Through a self-service portal, members can have a single source of truth to understand what is included with their benefits, and even track what benefits are and are not being used. 

Purchases and Courses 

Different associations offer different products, courses, and other educational options. Between books, e-learning options, association swag, and event registrations, there is a lot for members to keep track of.  

Options to Upsell 

In addition to being able to track purchases all in one place, you’ll be able to leverage member purchasing data for upselling. You can better track what products and courses are often purchased together and create data-based upselling recommendations.  

Knock Down Integration Barriers 

The fact that there isn’t a standalone product is one of the biggest barriers to implementing a self-service portal. This is where you’ll benefit from working with a multidisciplinary team that has both development and digital strategy experience, like Adage. By combining tech knowledge and talent with strategy, you’ll be able to build an effective digital plan that includes the integration of your membership self-service. We’ll work with you to map out the ideal way to connect all the correct platforms efficiently to build a self-service portal that boosts your membership value and attracts and retains new members. 

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