Our Takeaways from TLCC 2022

Tessitura Learning & Community Conference is back and better than ever. The Adage team had the privilege of attending TLCC 2022 in Denver, CO in August. After a difficult couple of years of navigating the pandemic, arts and culture organizations gathered under one roof to learn from one another and continue to push the innovation that this community is known for. 

We were excited to be back in person and Tessitura outdid itself with fantastic sessions, networking opportunities, and fantastic performances (thank you to The Tessiturians for another year of on-point jams). We noticed a few major themes throughout the week and wanted to share our main takeaways that will affect the Tessitura community in the year to come. 

Mobile Ticketing and Digital Wallets 

Tessitura also announced they will be releasing digital wallet functionality. Customers will be able to access tickets directly from their phones, saving time and resources while adapting to the contactless world. Membership cards will also be able to be stored in digital wallets with the new release. 

Gaylord Rockies Resort hosted TLCC 2022

It is no surprise that we are living in a mobile-first world, and Tessitura is ensuring they stay up to speed with the ticketing experiences that customers have become accustomed to. Tessitura Merchant Services will roll out supporting Apple Pay as well as other major credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal and ACH. 

Tessitura will be rolling out digital wallets to those currently on TNEW. If you are not on TNEW, reach out to the Adage team to learn about our expertise with digital wallet functionality. 


The Adage team noticed that accessibility was at the forefront of everyone’s minds throughout the conference. Organizations are wanting to see their digital and physical spaces accessible to everyone. A lot of the sessions within TLCC focused on inclusivity and accessibility. 

TNEW is rolling out updates that will now make the full path AA compliant, including any SYOS options. Sessions focused on the new updates and Tessitura’s continued commitment to ensuring that the accessibility standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are upheld. 

Version 16 

Tessitura v16 was certainly the biggest talking point of the weekend. Chock full of new features and capabilities, v16 will give organizations greater flexibility and allow them to better connect with their audiences. 

Tessitura and partners alike were using TLCC 2022 as a time to understand what users need from v16. Adage hosted a v16 Digital Features workshop to get an understanding of how our products can be updated to better serve those who use them, and plenty of sessions were dedicated to getting the most out of the latest update. 

We are counting down the days to next year! 

As Tessitura takes TLCC to London and Sydney, we will be (somewhat) patiently waiting for TLCC 2023! The arts and culture space has shown that they are adaptable to every challenge that is thrown their way, and it was great to celebrate the successes of the industry. Our team loved being able to see everyone in person once again and we can’t wait to continue the tradition of learning and dancing alongside you all. 

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