Order Tracking: Logistics Control and Customer Satisfaction

Order Tracking: Logistics Control and Customer Satisfaction

Whether B2B or B2C, making an online purchase is easy, but there is an essential element that can cause a customer to decide to make another purchase or go elsewhere. Faced with increasingly impatient consumers, the ability to monitor their online purchases is crucial for their satisfaction.

Shipping tracking and traceability systems allow us to detect any type of incident that could occur in the order distribution process. Through this type of software, you can control any stage of the supply chain and see in which phase delays or any inconvenience that may alter the delivery process occur.

Having this functionality will give you internal and external advantages, and allows you to have a clear, real-time view of your logistics processes and costs.

Cost reduction of logistics processes

This software allows you to optimize resource management to make shipping more efficient. For example, you can manage the number of routes, distribution of vehicles according to the routes, and proximity of dispatch, among other factors. The most important thing is that there is a digital record of the continuous monitoring of the transporter to verify collection times, transit times, delays, and delivery. With this data, you can analyze performance to make changes that improve the profitability of the supply chain and know the real cost of your company's logistics operation.

Distribution Control

Having detailed visibility of each route puts you in control of your distribution. Relevant data shipping and logistics software allows you to collect includes routes taken, moments in which the vehicle is stopped, delivery location, and packages distributed. Effective use of the software and data gathered not only helps to minimize costs, but also improve the customer experience.

With shipment tracking you can easily monitor metrics related to the movement of goods. The visibility gained on inbound and outbound shipments is especially useful for outbound freight, allowing you to see the progress of the shipment and determine if any delays need to be reported.

Minimize Delays = a Better Customer Experience

Almost half of consumers place great importance on shipping and delivery processes as part of the overall shopping experience. By having the ability to track orders, your consumers can have greater peace of mind, especially if they have portals where they self-manage this tracking.

Your customers will also have a more positive perspective of your brand. Real-time notifications provide the consumer with valuable information about their purchase and that makes them feel important and cared for

Distributed and Accessible Information

Constant contact with your customers is essential. Certain tracking software allow you to send customers notifications either by email, chat, or text message, providing status updates for order delivery in an automatic and personalized way.

Additionally, having visibility of your purchase and being able to consult delivery times, delays, or long waits whenever the user wants, increases confidence.

By offering customers the ability to track their order and delivering the product in perfect condition, you will have satisfied customers who are more likely to repurchase.


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