Optimizely Features to Take Advantage of in 2024

Last year, the Adage team attended Opticon 2023. We got a glimpse into what Optimizely accomplished this year and the roadmap ahead. Optimizely has several new initiatives planned for next year as well as enhancements to their existing technologies.  

From AI assistants to collaborative experimentation projects, Optimizely releases are designed to help organizations advance their digital experiences. Now is the time to start planning on how you can take advantage of all the platform has to offer.  

As an Optimizely MVP, I spend a lot of time helping clients find the best way to capitalize on all that Optimizely offers. Let’s explore the latest from Optimizely and break down how to use these tools as we head into 2024. 

AI and Optimizely One 

2023 created a star out of AI. We are now seeing multiple leaders in the tech industry capitalize on the possibilities that AI brings. Currently, Optimizely has released Optimizely One, the first AI-powered digital experience platform. Their AI assistant, Opal, works throughout the suite to inform users of how to maximize their efforts within the marketing lifecycle. 

Optimizely shared they are prioritizing AI for their search and navigation efforts at Opticon. Previously, their search feature had pain points for users who were trying to navigate Optimizely websites, but the new focus is to utilize AI to bridge those gaps and provide a heightened search experience for all users. 

Content Marketing Platform 

As you are looking for new ways to expand your marketing efforts in the new year, Optimizely’s Content Marketing Platform (CMP) is a great tool to add to your arsenal. Optimizely provides so many products that go beyond content population on your website, and implementing their CMP could help your team go a long way. 

There are numerous features within the CMP that are useful for marketers. As you are planning out your next campaigns, prioritizing content, and setting goals for 2024, take the time to see how Optimizely CMP can help you achieve your vision. 


Experimentation is nothing new for Optimizely. At Opticon there was a large focus on all the new capabilities that will be available in the future. Optimizely is changing what you can do in terms of experimentation and how to do it, including the new testing tools they will offer. 

The biggest change that is coming for the platform is experiment collaboration. Previously, creating experiments was primarily an activity for marketers and developers. Now, more people within your organization can get involved with testing, visualize ideas as a team, and create roadmaps to capture those visions. This is an exciting update for anyone who wants to get more involved with experimentation and create new possibilities for their websites. 

Planning for 2024 

As 2024 begins, teams are looking for new ways to enhance their business strategies in the new year. One straightforward way to accomplish your goals is to look at the tools you already have. 

Optimizely is far more than a simple CMS, it is a full-service marketing platform. Using all the tools that Optimizely provides can empower your team and allows you to get the most out of your investment. 

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