Making the Switch: Is it Time to Upgrade Your Ecommerce?

Your website is a part of your organization’s brand – and that includes your ecommerce. A quality ecommerce experience is necessary for the digital age, but it is not always easy to navigate implementing a new ecommerce solution.

It is imperative that you pick the right solution for your organization today and for years to come, including budgeting, timing, and user experience. Think you’re ready? Let’s walk through the top issues to consider as you update your ecommerce platform.

Is it time to make the switch?

Timing is critical when it comes to changing your ecommerce solution. You don’t want to act too quickly and get rid of something that works, but you don’t want to wait until you lose business to make a change.

An update might be in order if your customers complain about the checkout path and overall user experience when trying to complete a purchase. Your audience is likely experiencing a gap between the excellence of the goods and services you provide with a lackluster digital experience, which could turn them away from wanting to engage with your website.

Your staff can also suffer from an outdated ecommerce platform. Those who work behind the scenes want a solution that is easy to personalize and manage while also completely controlling the various ecommerce options and configurations. If your staff struggles to make quick, easy changes that reflect your organization’s needs, you will want to start thinking about making the switch.

What are your options?

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to ecommerce. It can feel overwhelming to sift through all the options while ensuring you are staying within budget. To keep it short, we will break down the three main types of ecommerce solutions: out-of-box, hybrid, and custom.


If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option that can be set up quickly, out-of-box is probably right for you. This option allows you to leverage pre-built ecommerce solutions without adding in time for customizations. This solution will be straightforward to maintain and provide a quick timeline for completion.


A hybrid approach to ecommerce can be helpful if pre-built solutions meet most of your needs, but not all. Hybrid ecommerce can allow you to add in a handful of customizations as needed while still utilizing the framework that out-of-box platforms provide. This option leaves you in the middle of the road regarding budget and timing.


A custom ecommerce platform will provide you with the most amount of flexibility. If your ecommerce goals are more in-depth than many pre-built solutions can provide, and your budget allows for it, then a custom ecommerce platform may be the best fit for your organization. However, a custom ecommerce will result in an extended timeline to ensure all your needs are met throughout the process.

Where do you get started?

Determine your organizational goals and set your ecommerce requirements. Through an internal audit or a digital firm, dig into the details of your specific ecommerce needs to start road mapping where you need to go. You will need to consider your end-user needs, business goals, and how your staff will interact with the platform itself.

Be sure to focus on your purchase path in your decision. Your organization’s purchase path needs are typically the deciding factor between out-of-box and custom platforms. If your out-of-box purchase path doesn’t match your needs, chances are you will spend more time fighting with it than get the benefits it was designed to provide.

Finally, ensure to factor in the maintenance and support costs that will come post-launch. Ecommerce will require more out of your budget to maintain and provide continuous support than the content parts of your site. Funding can vary significantly between organizations, so you must first figure out if you are looking to maintain the systems you have or planning to push further into the digital world.

Need help planning your ecommerce switch?

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