Embracing Remote Work

As a technology company, Adage embraces the challenge to continually adapt and evolve. Both in the work that we do and within our company practices.  

In 2020, we quickly recognized that the way we work fundamentally changed, and we fortunately had the resources to adapt to remote work. As a company that builds complex websites, everything we do is online. This made the transition to remote work easier than it certainly could have been. 

New website builds start with a discovery phase to identify what features and functionalities the client needs for a successful website. In a similar way, our HR and leadership team conducted its own discovery to figure out employees’ work preferences, understand what was working, learn what their challenges were, and determine how to improve the remote working experience so that we could design a remote work program that works for our teams and the company.  

What’s our remote work policy? Choose what works best for you.  

At Adage, we understand that everyone has different working styles, circumstances, and commutes, so we offer options that allow employees to do what works best for them.  

  • Remote: Employees spend at least 80% of their time telecommuting, but they can work from a hoteling desk when they come into the office.  
  • Hybrid: Employees are primarily telecommuting, but they work from a hoteling desk in the office about 20-60% of the time.  
  • In-office: Employees have a dedicated desk in the office, but they can telecommute up to 40% of the time.  

Employees can opt into whichever level works best for them, with the understanding there might be times they need to come to the office, such as client meetings, Quarterly Conversations, or all-company events. We have a growing number of remote employees outside of the Chicagoland area so our approach to remote work is inclusive of their needs and availability as well.  

Lack of remote work equipment is a common pain point for many remote workers. It’s important to Adage that our employees are set up to do their best work, so we offer everyone the equipment for a full desk set up at their primary work location.  

Another practice that we’ve adopted with the transition to a remote work policy is to make sure that all meetings have Teams meeting info included for anyone joining virtually. That’s extended to everything including our Project Launch Celebration happy hours, lunch and learns, Guru Groups, and book clubs.  

New work options, new work environment 

In the summer of 2022, we completed an office renovation to provide greater work flexibility and collaboration that allows for a variety of options.  

Some the office improvements we made to support our new work options include more desks for hoteling needs, new meeting rooms, and more flexible transition work spaces for collaboration. Our conference rooms are all equipped with cameras for virtual meetings so we have what we need to connect. We also did a refresh of our kitchen as well as updated furniture and décor.  

We’re very excited about our remote options and want our employees to be just as excited about their work environment, whether it’s remote, hybrid, or in the office.  

Do you think Adage might be a good fit for you? Take a moment to check out our current job openings! 

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