ChatGPT is the Tool and Innovative Breakthrough We Need

Talking with ChatGPT is like having a conversation with the world’s smartest eighth grader. All the facts, some of the knowledge, but not able to understand if its answers are actually correct. 

Though Open AI is relatively new, the use of AI in our everyday lives isn’t. Any time you play chess with the computer, receive customer support from a chatbot, or have Grammarly review what you’ve written, you’re using AI.  

The release of open AI technology is disrupting every industry. As a tech company that values learning and innovation, we break down the basics of ChatGPT, the potential it has as a tool for developers, and how it affects the way we think about websites. It will be a powerful tool everyone will use to improve their productivity in the near future. 

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Understanding ChatGPT 

ChatGPT is a big step forward in general learning. It was created by OpenAI and over the course of months, the AI went through over 180 million web pages. It’s a wealth of knowledge and a great starting point when researching or trying to research something new. 

For anyone taking advantage of the ChatGPT software, it’s important to keep in mind the various parameters around it. The information that it shares with you may not be fully up-to-date. At this point in time, it has only been configured to access web pages published through 2021. So you need to check that the information it gives you is accurate.  

You also need to keep in mind that ChatGPT isn’t able to link back to the original source. There is always the possibility that it’s pulling information from a source that is not reputable or outdated. If you’re using it for research, you’ll have to find other sources that support what it tells you. Think of it in a similar way as originally using Wikipedia. It’s a great starting point to find background information and identify keywords you need. 

Turn AI into a Tool for Developers 

Because the limitations of ChatGPT leave it prone to providing outdated and inaccurate information, we have to think carefully about how we use it from a website development standpoint. You’ll still need a baseline knowledge of coding to use it effectively.  

Some ways developers can leverage ChatGPT include:  

  • Generate code in a language you don’t know as well 
  • Help refine examples for a feature you’re new to working with 
  • Generate code faster (you will still need to check it) 
  • Find bugs or analyze where a type of bug is coming from 

As with any tool, it takes time and practice to use effectively.  

Changing the Way We Use Websites 

The way we view websites is ever evolving. With ChatGPT, we’re likely to see changes in how we understand search, navigation, interactive elements, and SEO. 

AI rises to the challenge to meet the growing expectations of interactive elements and personalization. It offers the option of small-scale implementation through website-specific search engines. 

When searching for things on websites, we use search terms and filters to narrow down results. AI like ChatGPT opens the possibility of text-like interactions through chatbots. Ask a specific question and receive the answer. You can type, “I’m looking for this,” and it could predictively find the content you need. It’s a shift from search terms to natural questions. 

And in terms of SEO, many marketers are already discovering the value of ChatGPT to identify keywords. ChatGPT is a tool to find high-value keywords and test them.  

A Technological Dream Come True 

ChatGPT is one of the largest technological leaps we’ve experienced. It’s literally what I’ve lived for since starting to work in computer science. It’s fascinating, exciting, and new class of tools that will shape our future.  

Even though it took months to train ChatGPT using data from 2001 to 2021, it’s the fact that the model can now be created that’s so captivating! The next step is to see what it can do on a quantum level to push that training time from months to days. For computer science, it will change the world in as significant of a way as the internet has changed our interactions with the world. 

We’ll see more change in our lifespan than in the previous five generations combined. ChatGPT is change and innovation at a time when the world needs it. And I’m here for it. 

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