Adage Named One of Crain’s Best Places to Work Chicago 2022—A Reflection of Company Culture

We’ve done it again! Adage Technologies is one of Crain’s Best Places to Work Chicago, ranking 36th in the small business category and 64th overall. This is Adage’s 5th year on the list! Crain’s, partnered with Best Companies Group, selects the top 100 workplaces each year. To determine the list, they evaluate workplace policies, practices, and demographics and conduct an employee survey—which means employees and company culture have an impact on the rankings.

In addition to great benefits like 20+ days PTO, 85% employer-covered insurance, 401k contributions, profit-sharing bonuses, flexible schedules, remote work options, and many other perks Adage provides, the secret to Adage’s success is our great culture built around our core values.  

A Culture Built on Core Values 

At Adage, we believe that promoting core values is critical to fostering positive and engaging company culture. We actively live by our core values in our hiring process, reviews, onboarding, employee recognition program, and everyday interactions.

Be an Ambassador 

As a client-focused company, being an ambassador means ensuring that our clients succeed in their missions. We strive to deliver professional service and solve problems by collaborating with teammates and customers. 

Do the Right Thing 

Acting with integrity and transparency is of utmost importance. We aim to go above and beyond as we create solutions that address real challenges and provide a meaningful impact.  

Adapt and Evolve 

Adage employees have a growth mindset and a passion for learning. We encourage employees to continuously improve and take on challenges. This applies to everything from learning new technology, developing leadership skills, cross-training, process improvement, company innovation, and even personal growth goals. 

Get It Done 

Accountability to one another and to our clients is key to delivering a successful project. Our employees are empowered to find solutions, be proactive, and be diligent. 

Enjoy the Journey 

It’s important to enjoy and thrive in your work environment. At Adage, that means being a team player, taking time to help others, and making a point to recognize others’ contributions. We make sure to celebrate our successes!  

Adage’s core values go beyond the qualities we encourage our employees to exhibit. They are also the commitment we make to our employees.

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