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Vision guides digital transformation.

Our engagements are driven by a strategic vision that guides and filters priorities. We work with your team, your audience, and your data to determine core principles and establish an organizing idea.

Establishing Vision

Adage Align provides your organization the strategic guidance to drive digital transformation.

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Who are we serving?

Seeking understanding is the core value at Adage that underlies our desire and approach to learning what makes each organization unique.

What are their needs?

Our experience guiding large-scale digital journeys has taught us that success requires a guiding vision. The vision definition Adage Align provides core principles that drive, filter, and prioritize.

What will the new experience by like?

A vision is only as strong as its ability to guide. We answer: What will the ideal experience be like with both visonary story boards and actionable technical mapping?

How do we fulfill needs?

Every Adage Align engagement provides detailed roadmaps outlining near-, mid-, and long-term goals. Your roadmaps are immediately actionable and lead to early successes that build momentum and buy-in.

Deeply human centered perspective and strategic tools rooted in design thinking combine qualitative and quantitative research.

Strategic Guidance

Strategy Workshop

Adage Align projects begin with a series of onsite workshops. Each workshop is tailored to your organization’s most challenging questions and are outcome-oriented.

Qualitative Research

Audience & User Research

Your audience is always at the core of our process. Early intensive research allows us to understand your organization, your audience, and identify potential challenges and opportunities.

Quantitative Research


If you only measure high-level traffic, you are missing important information. Our entire design staff is Google Analytics certified and provide thinking about the importance of measuring every user interaction on your website.

Strategy & Discovery Activities

Core Team Development

Strategy Workshops

Audience & User Interviews

Persona Development

Brand Architecture

Competitive Analysis

Analytics Review

Technology Mapping

Findings Review

Core Principles

Vision Definition


Working with the Adage team brought another level of discussion that was eye, and ear-opening for people who haven’t worked with design thinking before.

Christian Brown, Director of Marketing & Public RelationsThe Houston Ballet