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ACE Commerce® Quick Donate

Turn contributions into a steady stream of revenue.

Soliciting donations should be more than an ask in the purchase path.

ACE Quick Donate deeply engrains donations into the site experience, giving you full control over messaging and placement of these important calls-to-action. Remove barriers to donate by allowing one page donations that don’t require login – and still go to the right record in Tessitura.

Solicit Donations Across the Site

Take advantage of snappy upsells and constituent-specific donation amounts, it’s all at your control within the content management system.

Works with TNEW

For TNEW clients, our Quick Donate component is installed as a standalone page to function alongside your path.

Craft Your Own Donation Levels

Highlight different benefits for each donation level. Patrons will be able to select a pre-set donation or input a custom amount. Admins can designate donation amounts to select from.

ACE Quick Donate in Action

ACE Quick Donate Clients

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