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ACE Commerce® Checkout

Provide a superior ticket purchasing experience.

About ACE Commerce Checkout

ACE Checkout nimbly moves users from cart to confirmation with an intuitive approach.

Checkout…the point into which single tickets, subscriptions, exchanges, and all other transactions lead. Streamlined for a superior user experience, the ACE Checkout path is designed to help patrons complete their purchase as quickly and easily as possible. CMS users control content on each of these independent pages, which together make up the ACE Checkout component. Read on for information about each of these pages.


Always start with a clear, easy-to-read cart. Then, maximize your users’ shopping cart experience with integrated, on-page upsell suggestions and the use of pricing rules, adding value while keeping the process sleek and streamlined.


Encompassing Login, Register and Guest Checkout options, these pages give users options for their preferred method of identification. Users can also quickly retrieve a forgotten password with an email token.

Donation Interrupt

Utilize this optional donation page to suggest donations. Suggested contributions can be based on percentage or fixed amount, the former offering a suggestion donation based on the order total. Personalize the message based on anything from user attributes to types of items in their cart.


Allow customers to apply credit cards or gift certificates to pay their balance. CMS Users can customize delivery methods, overriding payment types and labels. Fully compatible with Tessitura Merchant Services.

Order Confirmation

The confirmation page includes a recap of the information from the payment page. Cross sell other productions, fundraising campaigns, events or memberships in the Additional Products section of this page.

Order Email

The customizable HTML email receipt is configured in the CMS for greater control. It includes the same information as the Order Confirmation page and can be bcc’d to internal staff.

Guest Checkout

The latest version of the guest checkout path is intended to reduce the number of duplicate logins created by guests. It allows users to log in as the existing guest user with a matching email address, while limiting access to previously entered information until a permanent account is created.

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