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Technology Has a Place for Everyone

About 74 percent of young girls express interest in STEM fields and computer science, according to Girls Who Code. Yet the reality is that far fewer women choose careers in the technology industry. At Adage, we believe tech has a place for everyone, and we have several passionate females with a love for technology. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we asked some of Adage’s own to share advice for aspiring women in technology on how to navigate and succeed in the industry.

Ask Questions, Keep Learning

Technology is constantly changing so there is always something new to learn. Being open and willing to ask questions will help you throughout your career. No one starts out as an expert, not even Sheryl Sandburg, so don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know something. Take the time to build up your expertise and speak on that.

“Absorb as much information as you possibly can early on. Be curious about new technologies and what can be done. There’s always more to learn and if you stay curious you’ll never be bored!” – Logan Charles, Product Owner

“Find what you do best and learn everything you need to be great at it. Advocate for yourself, your role and your importance on your team.” –Molly Lee, Lead UX Designer

“Take the time to make sure you know what you’re talking about. Proving that you have the same level of knowledge guarantees that people will respect your talent, regardless of your gender.” –Marissa Mare, Scrum Master

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Build a Supportive Network

Surround yourself with a supportive network of people who share your values. Being part of a team that respects your input is important – you shouldn’t have to fight to be heard. Know that you’re not alone, and there are communities you can join or find a mentor through. It’s equally as important to be supportive of others and lift them up too.

“Find a company where you admire and trust your leadership team, because how they operate colors the entire workplace.”

Sarah Bordson

Digital Director

“The first time I got to work on the same team with another female developer was a very eye opening moment. Skills aside, it was a great feeling to be able to support each other and not be completely outnumbered. I saw her confidence rise instantly, and we did some awesome work together.”

Jess Brown

Lead Front End Developer

“I was lucky enough to have a wonderful mentor when I first entered UX who really taught me everything I know. I think the most helpful thing she ever did for me was she didn’t teach me how to be a woman in tech, she just taught me how to be in tech. It wasn’t until later that I really grasped the reality of the gender gap. I think this is largely to thank for my confidence and ability to work closely with all the members of my cross discipline team.”

Molly Lee

Lead UX Designer

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Believe in Yourself

The main take away we found: Believe in yourself. There’s not ‘one type’ that fits into the tech world. Don’t let impostor syndrome stop you from voicing your opinions. Whether you are an expert in React or you don’t know what an API is, there’s a space for you in the tech world. There are plenty other of career paths in technology, with no programming experience necessary. At Adage, we have Developers with political science degrees, a Scrum Master with a graphic design background, and Product Owners who studied Journalism.

“Be confident in your decisions and explanations. Trust your gut, it is usually correct!” – Ashley Gibbens, Senior Developer

“Stop apologizing. Stop qualifying your statements. Stop undermining your credibility. Believe you are the expert and others will too.” –Molly Lee, Lead UX Designer

“Don’t be afraid to push back or speak up. It was intimidating at first to voice my opinion, but I grew in confidence once I realized that user experience is at the core of everything, and anyone can speak to that. Also, understanding that I brought a different but equally valuable skill set to the work was important.”

Logan Charles

Product Owner

Technology Advancing People

Technology is the medium through which we create, and it provides ways for you to share your passion and connect with others. If you are willing to continue learning, believe in yourself and surround yourself with supportive people, the options in tech are endless. Are you looking for a company that supports and empowers its employees no matter their gender? Take a look at our career opportunities. We’re always looking for new talent to join our growing team.

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