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Website Accessibility Workshop

On Demand

Welcome a wider audience with
web accessibility and inclusive design.

An accessible website positively impacts your search engine ranking and broadens the audience you are able to serve. Over 90% of websites could use some work toward becoming more accessible and more inclusive in design and user experience ( Get started by watching our Website Accessibility Workshop.

Jess Brown, Lead Front End Developer and Ruizhi Liu, Lead User Experience Designer at Adage Technologies team up to share quick fixes and tips to make your website more accessible. They cover:

  1. Low contrast text
  2. Missing alt text
  3. Keyboard inaccessibility
  4. Forms

These factors affect a broad spectrum of issues from low vision and mobility limitations to dim screens and slow connections. Tune in to this Website Accessibility Workshop and walk away with updates to your website that welcomes more users.

Workshop Instructors


Have the following items prepared prior to attending the Website Accessibility Workshop.

  1. URL to your website homepage
  2. URL to a page with imagery on your website (homepage is fine!)
  3. URL to a form on your site (e.g. contact form, newsletter signup)
  4. Download and install Wave extension for your chosen browser (rec Chrome or Firefox)
  5. We recommend working from a laptop or desktop and preferably two screens (one to see the presentation and one to follow along)
  6. Have this form available for completion during the workshop

More About Web Accessibility

Website Accessibility Partner Ecosystem

When considering increasing your website’s level of accessibility there is much to consider. You’ll need buy-in from your organization’s stakeholders, a web design and development partner that is knowledgeable in accessible design and dev, and a third-party partner for project oversight and auditing.

Adage’s web design and development experience include launching a verified AA compliant site and build all our sites with accessibility in mind. The level of website accessibility is your organization’s choice and depends on your budget, resources, and requirements.

Adage is happy to talk through your organization’s needs to determine a suitable level of accessibility. Remember, the best time to consider your website’s level of accessibility is BEFORE a project begins.

Reach out to discuss
your unique needs.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) Cheat Sheet

Use this summarized list as a reference for all the categories covered by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


  • 1.1 Text alternatives
  • 1.2 Time-based media (captions)
  • 1.3 Adaptable
  • 1.4 Distinguishable


  • 2.1 Keyboard accessible
  • 2.2 Enough time
  • 2.3 Seizures and Physical reactions
  • 2.4 Navigable
  • 2.5 Input modalities


  • 3.1 Readable
  • 3.2 Predictable
  • 3.3 Input assistance


  • 4.1 Compatible