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Welcome a wider audience with web accessibility and inclusive design

An accessible website positively impacts your search engine ranking and broadens the audience you are able to serve. Nearly 90% of websites could use some work toward becoming more accessible and more inclusive in design and user experience. Get started by attending our Website Accessibility Workshop.

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Learn more about website accessibility and WCAG guidelines.

Workshop Instructors

Jess Brown

Jess Brown, Lead Front-end Developer

Jess is a Lead Front-end Developer, crafting beautiful, accessible websites for some of the country’s largest nonprofit organizations. She is a vocal champion for web accessibility, and pushes learning the latest front-end development techniques to innovate better solutions to typical challenges. Jess is a contributing member of the accessibility community, a member of the Chicago Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup, and working towards Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) Certification.

Ruizhi Liu

Ruizhi Liu, Lead User Experience Designer

As the lead user experience designer at Adage, Ruizhi has extensive experience conducting audience research as well as leading design and strategy workshops. In recent years, he has lead workshops with key stakeholders from associations like AAP, AHIMA, AAPD, AMTA, AAOS, etc. He also champions onsite audience research at association conferences. Outside of the association world, Ruizhi also specializes in user research and UX strategy for other primarily nonprofit industries like arts and culture. He has led major innovation projects with institutions such as The Kennedy Center and The Monterey Bay Aquarium.