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User Informed, User Validated

User Experience


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Design, Evaluate, Implement

This design discipline involves putting the user at the center. Designs and methods we use to evaluate them directly involve the end user.

Accessibility Compliance

Ensure that every element of your digital experience are perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust to every walk of life.

Information Architecture

Does the structure of all information located on your digital product make sense?
We have various methods in play for validating or testing this structure with your end users.

User Research

At Adage, our design team employs a methodical approach to understanding users and ensuring the design ecosystem enhances their experience to accomplish their goals and tasks.

User Empathy

We leverage only the appropriate methods.

The means by which we accomplish this includes but is not limited to: User interviews, shadowing users in their natural setting, focus groups, and discovery workshops. These are not prescribed, they are leveraged only if and when they make sense for the problem we're solving.

Single Tickets Section Selector in ACE Platform built by Adage
Subscriptions in ACE Platform built by Adage
Design and Iterate

User empathy findings become the foundation upon which we design.

We develop products in an agile environment, allowing the product to be constantly refined. Our designs are digitized in the form of interactive prototypes. These prototypes can be used as communication between stakeholders, or actual design artifacts to test with our users. We learn quickly from these findings, and include them in the next iteration. This process continues until user satisfaction has been tested and stakeholders are satisfied.

Information Architecture

A well-organized site does not just happen.

Our team leverages rigid content organization methodology to organize all of the site's information before it is distilled into the design. These 'Card Sorts' can be validated with users and iterated upon until the user is bought in.

Gift Certificates in ACE Platform built by Adage

Adage Can Help

User behavior is complex, by placing users at the center of our design process we explore and understand these complexities to make sure the purpose of the design is fulfilled.

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