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User Research fills in the gaps between what people say they want and what they actually need.

Example Survey Results

What Is User Research?

Research is a core part of user-centered design. User research helps ensure that we understand both our clients’ needs and the needs of their users. We utilize a range of activities to gather feedback and create the best outcomes possible. No matter where you are in the process of building a better digital experience, design research can help you gain valuable insights.

Our User Research Practice


Seek Understanding

The first phase of the user research process involves cultivating a rich understanding of the audience and their goals. We ask questions, review current site performance, test designs, and implement analytics to ensure that we know what problems need to be solved.


Analyze & Insight

Our team sifts through all of our initial research findings to construct clear and concise insight. Insight to create a shared understanding and outline actionable next steps.



Once we understand who we’re designing for and what their needs are, it’s time to start applying that knowledge. We use the information collected to create user-centered experiences that will set your company apart.

Reach out, Adage can Help with User Research.

Whether you need help getting started or want to take your user research to the next level. Reach out, Adage can help.

Why Conduct User Research?

Design Based on Facts and Not Assumptions

User research informs our intuition and sparks new ideas. These activities help us identify behavioral patterns, explore reactions, and shed light on the unknown. All of this information then informs our designs.

User research can provide a basis for decision-making that speeds up the rest of the design and development process. It allows us to use data and feedback directly from users to make decisions, rather than arguing over personal opinions or wasting effort solving the wrong problem.

Google Analytics Example
User Persona Example

Confirm that We’re Solving the Right Problem

Familiarity breeds assumptions and blind spots. It’s easy to think that we already know what our users need and what problem we should be solving. Research helps shine a new light on what people are actually experiencing and what their priorities are. This process allows us to identify when an organization’s project goals don’t align with their customers’ reality.

Identify Small Changes with a Huge Potential Influence

User research can lead to surprising findings. Sometimes there are small changes that will lead to a huge return on investment or fix a key pain point. 

Building in time and budget for thorough research helps ensure that opportunities like this are identified and implemented.

User Testing Results
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Ensure Happier End Users

Really listening to your users, leads to happier users! When designs are informed by design research it reassures clients that we are moving in the right direction and it creates a better product overall.

Want to get started on your own?

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How to Conduct Remote User Research
Questionnaires and Surveys

Questionnaires and surveys can be sent to users or your internal team. These initial questions allow us to get a preliminary view of the project and help us tailor the rest of our discovery process to meet your needs.


We frequently conduct interviews with users, stakeholders, and subject matter experts. This process helps build a foundation of shared knowledge and goals moving into a project.

Usability Testing

Usability testing can be conducted on prototypes, designs, or live sites. Each test is designed around your goals to ensure we’re getting valuable feedback from users.

Analytics Reviews

User feedback doesn’t always align with user behavior. Your analytics allow us to see how people are actually interacting with your site. If you’re new to analytics, Adage can help you start tracking this valuable data. If you’re already tracking analytics, we can use your existing setup or even build in further customizations to match your goals.

Heat Mapping and Screen Recordings

Heat mapping and screen recordings allow us to visually track how people are navigating your site. We can see how far people scroll, where they try to interact with the site. This helps round out the data we’re seeing from analytics and identify additional user pain points.

A/B Testing

A/B testing can help ensure that the changes you make to your current site are having a positive impact. We can show users two versions of a page and see which one performs better. This process allows us to continually refine and optimize your site.

User Research Capabilities

User Interview

Stakeholder Interviews

SME Interviews

Documentation Review

Questionnaires and Surveys

Competitive Analysis

Usability Testing

Field Observation

Diary Studies

Analytics Review

Heat Mapping

A/B Testing

Multivariate Testing