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Event Description

A great search experience is critical for associations. While many organizations believe search is about Google, that is only part of the picture. Currently, over 50% of users immediately navigate to the search bar of any website they visit to find the information they need. Given the vast amount of content that associations have, usually across multiple websites and web platforms, search creates a better user experience providing members the ability to obtain resources quickly.

Our session focused on all aspects of search including:

  • Off-site search – SEO and Google searching
  • On-site search – Federated searching of all of your organization’s web platforms
  • Reputation Management
  • Paid Search

Jake Toohey, Sr. Digital Consultant, and Joe Post, VP of Strategy & Design, from Adage Technologies will host the webinar with Eric Matthias, Sr. Director of Application Development, from the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Eric Matthias Headshot
Eric Matthias
Sr. Director of Application Development at the American Academy of Pediatrics
Jake Toohey
Sr. Digital Consultant at Adage Technologies
Joe Post
Joe Post
VP of Strategy & Design at Adage Technologies