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TLCC2019 Highlights

Arts & cultural organizations impact the lives of so many people every single day. During TLCC2019 we were able to meet and experience the people behind those organizations and it was truly inspiring. Tessitura Network is just that, a network, a community coming together to share knowledge and enrich their organizations.

We were happy to host TLCC2019 in our hometown of Chicago and honored to be involved in the learning and sharing that took place during the week. Here are some of our favorite experiences and highlights from the week.

General Session Takeaways

Welcoming a Wider Audience by Sina Bahram

“It’s not the person that is disabled, but the environment that is disabling,” explained Sina as he held a captive audience. He went on to provide examples of how inclusive design and accessibility efforts are not just important for some, but benefit a wide range of people. Sina Bahram is the Founder of Prime Access Consulting. They work with organizations to create inclusive digital experiences in a constant effort to “welcome a wider audience.”

At Adage, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Sina, an authority on WCAG Guidelines and web accessibility. Our own Jess Brown, Senior Front End Developer, is diving deep into web accessibility initiatives and working to build websites that are inclusive from the start.

Sina recently commented on Jess’s work, “Jess is an awesome developer to work with. I’ve been impressed and delighted by her dedication to accessibility details, understanding of the issues we discussed, and openness to immediately engage in productive conversations and strategies for how to fix things.”

Adage is looking forward to more projects together!


Truly Integrating Volunteers and Interns into Your Organization by Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith, Manager of Volunteer and Internship Services at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, explained the importance of volunteers and interns to every organization. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds and skills sets with one thing in common, passion to advance your organization’s mission. It is everyone’s responsibility to show appreciation and recognize their efforts.

Yearly, Arsht Center volunteers and interns contribute 44K hours which equals $1M of in-kind donations. To help manage these hours, The Arsht Center invested in a volunteer portal. The portal freed up staff and connected volunteers with the community.

“Remember Ubuntu – I am, because we are” – Nicole Smith



We were inspired! What an amazing experience. Thank you to all the brave people who shared personal, touching stories. We laughed, we cried, we cheered! We learned!

  1. Be a successful failure
  2. Be the vessel for viral positivity
  3. Focus on people, culture, and organizational health
  4. Be authentic
  5. Be confident
  6. Embrace your inner Muppet

Open Space Discussions

In addition to topics focused on how to best use Tessitura in specific ways, Open Space sessions were a unique opportunity for people to share the ideas and questions that impact them most. Frequent topics included:

  • Ideas for shaping culture, motivating staff, and influencing leadership
  • Creative incentives for audiences
  • Making data-driven decisions through key performance indicators and tracking
  • Fundraising-from special events to capital campaigns and on

Adage Presentations


What’s Agile Scrum by Caitlin Grogan

Caitlin is Adage’s Director of Client Services and is entrenched in Agile Scrum on a day-to-day basis. During the 10-minute Partner presentation, she covered how to increase productivity by utilizing Agile Scrum’s incremental and iterative development framework and how she applies the concepts to her daily life.

Learn More about Agile Scrum

SmartSeat Presentation by Claire Young and Sarah Bordson

SmartSeat is our mobile-first, highly-configurable, select-you-own-seat platform. During TLCC2019, Claire Young, Special Projects Manager presented the newest and coolest features to some of our long-time clients.

Sarah Bordson, Director of Digital for Arts, Culture & Entertainment met with prospects and illustrated how to build venues and integrate easily with Tessitura’s TNEW.

Learn More about SmartSeat

Advance Your Purchase Path in a Mobile World by Mat Agee and Joe Post

Together, Mat Agee, CTO and Joe Post, VP of Strategy & Design spoke about the next iteration of ecommerce. They explained how providing familiar and trusted solutions like digital Wallets, Chrome Payment Request, and Apple Pay can increase usability across devices for your patrons.

If you missed any of these and are looking for more information, please reach out.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year at TLCC2020 in Denver, Colorado!