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TLCC 2018 Takeaways

Tessitura Learning & Community Conference proved once again to be action-packed! TLCC 2018 presentations, networking and exhibiting resulted in so many positive takeaways for Adage. We’re excited to share what we learned about the community and technology at the 2018 Conference.

Industry Trends

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Adage found it amazing how quickly the arts and culture industry seems to be adopting new trends. We heard a buzz around the Conference about applying artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to enhance patron experience.

A few guest speakers from the network gave a talk at the conference about innovations via AR/VR in their organizations. Royal Shakespeare Company worked with Intel to apply VR on stage, creating a digital figure in their show. Philharmonia Orchestra created a project to simulate the concert hall in a warehouse. People can walk to different spots in the warehouse and experience the audio effects as if they were sitting in different zones of the orchestra.

American Museum of Natural History utilized AR/VR a few different ways to make the museum experience more engaging and fun. For example, a mobile app, or AR glass, where you can place virtual dinosaurs anywhere and interact with the dinosaurs.

Learn more about AR/VR innovations in this recorded presentation from the Conference.

Learn more about ar/vr


Improving the overall patron experience through accessibility measures and ADA compliance initiatives was also top of mind. We attended an accessibility panel where organizations discussed their challenges in making their websites accessible and what they were doing as organizations to make their websites more inclusive.

The two sessions we presented around accessibility, evaluating your sites current compliance and examples of work we have done with The Metropolitan Opera were very well attended. Another indicator that organizations are continuing to pay great attention to accessibility.

At Adage, we find compliance initiatives start with education. Marketers, content editors and developers should start researching and learning ways to make their websites more accessible. We refer to WCAG Guidelines to learn about and help organizations with accessibility initiatives.

Adage gave a Partner Presentation around what site accessibility means to you and some ways to improve accessibility on your site. The slide deck is available for your review.

What Site Accessibility Means to You - Find out

TLCC 2018 ADA Presentation Adage

Technology Trends


Licensees are excited to upgrade to TNEW v7 and take advantage of the new management capabilities and responsive and accessible layouts!!
For organizations planning their move, we found the site preview feature very useful. Previewing your site with TNEWv7 before actually upgrading allows organizations to see what updates they need to make before going live with the new version.


REST API is the future! At Adage, we’ve been planning for this for years and have our code libraries up to date. Bring on the conversions.

Tessitura BI

Tessitura’s Business Intelligence Platform drew major attention from marketers at TLCC 2018. We found some very useful built-in reports and the potential to customize and integrate with more data sources (i.e. Google Analytics) very promising.

Interesting Discussions

TN Inspire

The Tessitura community is made up of people who are passionate, mission-driven and believe strongly in what they do. Highlighted with TN Inspire and continuing throughout the Conference, the importance of supporting our dreams, our community, and each other was put into perspective. We were truly inspired and grateful to be part of such an impactful space.

TLCC 2018 Adage General Session

Networking Events

We had nearly 200 people join us at the Adage Queue-it After Party. What a turnout! I also had a great time at Epcot, riding the rides and exploring the park after hours. Although we don’t have theme parks in Chicago, we do have comedy clubs, great food, and amazing views. We’re looking forward to hosting TLCC 2019 and showing everyone around our hometown.

See you next year!