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The AAP works to attain optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults, and to support the professional needs of its members.

Adage Technologies rebuilt ShopAAP to not only simplify the purchase path, but also provide a more personalized user experience and drive member engagement. Adage built ShopAAP on the Episerver Commerce Platform, making it easier for staffers to upload content.

Adage helped transform a complicated purchase path involving multiple shopping carts and platforms into a single unified platform. Site administrators can now easily upload and manage content, and users can access the site from mobile devices.

Tasked with a challenge to simplify a 17-step purchase process, the Adage strategy and design team set out to unify the shopping experience for AAP members and customers. This included combining a wide variety of “products” into one cart: books, ebooks, journals, subscriptions, courses, events, training and of course memberships.

Rather than navigating multiple shopping carts and purchase paths throughout AAP’s sites, users are now given a single shopping cart for all products and materials. The reduced the number of clicks required for users to complete any given task has resulted in increased conversions and revenue.

  • Strategy & Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Episerver Commerce
  • Episerver Find
  • Faceted Search
  • NetFORUM Integration
  • InRiver PIM Integration

An integrated, responsive ecommerce platform for the AAP.


Adage was quick to point out the sheer complexity of ShopAAP’s checkout and purchase path. We arrived at the conclusion that ShopAAP neither measured up to best industry practices, nor could its complex design be satisfactorily unit tested. Goal to create an integrated, user-friendly, and profitable ecommerce strategy were set.


Adage designed prototypes that not only made clear to users where they are in ShopAAP and what they should do next, but also satisfied long-term goals of increased member engagement. Designers optimized ShopAAP to drive purchases, and encourage repeat purchases.


Using the InRiver product information management (PIM) system, Adage developers set up ShopAAP as the centralized ecommerce platform for the entire AAP online empire. Integrating this system with Episerver Commerce allowed site administrators to easily upload content, media, and product information to all educational materials. ShopAAP can also cross-promote and up-sell related products.


The Adage team provided plenty of training on how to properly use and manage ShopAAP. Stakeholders were instructed on all aspects of creating and editing content on their new EPiServer CMS, and uploading media and product information via InRiver PIM. We conducted all necessary functional and technical testing.

Adage facilitated all the necessary knowledge transfer to ensure a successful launch of ShopAAP. Transitional support measures and a long-term support plan for the AAP project team were also set in motion.