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It’s especially important right now to make donating to your organization quick and easy for your patrons. At Adage, we want to make sure all of our clients are aware and taking advantage of the many beneficial features at their disposal. One of the newer features from our partner, Tessitura, is their TNEW One Page Giving.  

TNEW One Page Giving allows site visitors to donate without having to log in and navigate through multiple pages and the cart page. TNEW uses the patron’s email address to attribute the transaction back to the account. 

Below are a few examples of TNEW One Page Giving in action. While these organizations are not Adage clients, we greatly admire their work. 

To read more about TNEW One Page Giving, check out these resources from Tessitura: 

Whether you’re an Adage customer or not, we’re here to help! If you’re currently an ACE Commerce client, we’ve got you covered with ACE Quick Donate. To get TNEW One Page Giving set up or to explore other quick donation options, reach out to us today.