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News about Tessitura Network’s switch from SOAP API to REST API came years ago, and while we’ve had plenty of time to prepare, it’s also hard to believe the time has arrived for the transition to take place.

Mid-2021 Tessitura v16 will be released. Users can expect an exciting set of fully web-based features but must update to REST. REST is all about simplicity and is optimized for the web using JSON data format to be compatible with browsers. If you haven’t yet made the switch, Adage is prepared to execute the SOAP to REST conversions. Today we’ll share a recap of the update means, how we’re ready, and the timeline.

What SOAP to REST Means

The update from the SOAP API to the REST API means that sections of your site currently integrating with Tessitura directly will likely not work correctly when switching to REST without some adjustments. For example – calendar pages, dynamic performance information on production detail pages, and any custom cart functionalities.

The Tessitura Network gave great advanced notice back in 2017, so organizations could prepare to make the necessary adjustments over the past few years. Many organizations have, understandably shifted their digital focus in 2020, and may find themselves still in need of the transition. The conversion to REST API must be complete before your organization migrates to the new version of Tessitura v16,  in 2021.

How Adage Prepared

Adage has already completed the SOAP to REST conversion for some clients. We’ve been preparing since 2017 by developing our code libraries to use the REST API instead of the SOAP API. Additional adjustments required will vary site by site, and this scope will be determined via a technical discovery.

New York City Center (NYCC) Calendar User Experience Design for performances connected to the Tessitura CRM

Conversion Timing

As mentioned, Adage has completed the conversion for clients already and are looking to slot the rest of this work in the coming months. We have a solid understanding of the scope of this work, though it can vary from client to client depending on several factors. For some organizations, it might make the most sense to complete the SOAP to REST conversion along with an upgrade to the latest version of your CMS.

If you’re not an Adage client and haven’t begun the SOAP to REST conversion yet, talk to your current web partner today!

Preparation For Your Site

Depending on how your site interfaces with Tessitura, the level of changes required will vary. For example, clients who are only using TNEW to integrate with Tessitura (i.e. no custom functionalities that would touch either API) there will likely be no changes required. However, any functionalities that do interact with the SOAP API today will need to be addressed. Even if you’re using TNEW, it is possible that the content side of your site may have SOAP calls.

The level of involvement for these issues will depend mainly on your current code. If your web partner does not utilize code libraries, the changes required may be fairly substantial. Depending on your current site and future goals, it could be that replacing your current ecommerce code entirely–rather than retrofitting what you have today–will be the most stable, forward-thinking, and cost-effective solution for you.

This upgrade could also be an opportunity for your organization to consider improving other parts of your site, such as user experience, branding, or content management. If any of the above seems like a possibility for your organization, you’ll want to start planning sooner than later.

In Conclusion

The time has officially come to complete the SOAP to REST API changes for your website. If you have questions or would like feedback about the status of your SOAP to REST conversion preparation, please reach out using our contact form below. Adage is here to make this transition as seamless as possible!

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