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Live and in-person events are starting to take shape but with mandates for socially distanced seating and modified capacity. SmartSeat customers have two options available to help your organization safely seat patrons as you begin to open your doors. Watch the webinar to learn about these options from the SmartSeat product Team. During the webinar, you’ll experience the benefits of using Socially Distanced SmartSeat plus the timing and costs involved in upgrading and installing.


Webinar Agenda

  • Welcome and introduction
  • What is Socially Distanced SmartSeat?
    • Pod seating approach
    • Dynamic seating approach
  • Timing and costs
    • Estimated setup time
    • Costs (hours and licensing)
  • Q&A

SmartSeat Product Team

Sarah Bordson, VP of Strategic Growth
Ian Xu, Product Architect
Jeremy Fry, Product Specialist

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