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Since TLCC 2017 a lot has been going on with Adage’s Mobile SYOS product SmartSeat.

     1. We added tons of new features.

We had two major releases and two dot releases in the twelve months between the conferences. Licensees received large features including CYO/Flex Subscriptions, Exchanges, Multilingual, GA Zones and Upsells in addition to major changes to the administrative tool, Venue Builder.

SmartSeat Version - Adage Tech

     2. We supported seven go lives.

The Cleveland Orchestra was our only live client at last year’s conference. By the time TLCC 2018 started, they were joined by New York City Center, BAM, SFJAZZ, Huntington Theatre Company, Lyric Opera, Bass Hall and Royal Danish Theater.

     3. We’ve grown to 15 licensees.

In addition to the organizations listed above that are live, just as many are in the process of setting up their SmartSeat instances. In the two weeks following TLCC 2018 The Metropolitan Opera, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and The Music Center went live on SmartSeat.

SmartSeat Mobile SYOS - Adage Tech

So with all of these great organizations in various states of product ownership, we used TLCC to hold a variety of sessions and spend some quality time with our clients.

  • Best Practices reviews with clients. SmartSeat licensees were able to sit down with the product owner and review how their current setup was utilizing all of the new functionality. A few mistakes were corrected, but mostly clients were able to make aspirational goals to unleash the power of their mobile seat selection tool.
  • Price Type Discovery Session. The SmartSeat team was in person and on the phone to meet with representatives from four organizations and come up with feature improvements for SmartSeat Price Type functionality. In additional to a UI change, we unearthed specifics for how SmartSeat admins want to control and display price types.
  • 2018 Recap. With so many new features added since TLCC 2017, all licensees were invited to a session to learn about what they are and how to leverage them for their websites. Upsells and GA Zones were released only weeks before the conference so it was a great way to walk through that new functionality together.

SmartSeat General Admission - Adage Tech

In addition to these sessions, and most importantly, all of our licensees received our super exclusive SmartSeat fanny packs. Because nothing says Disney World like adults wearing fanny packs with a pun on them.

We’re looking forward to TLCC 2019 especially since it will be in Chicago, Adage’s hometown.