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SmartSeat Configurations Tailor SYOS to Organization’s Needs

SmartSeat v2 is a true product: a major departure from previous versions of Adage’s select your own seat offering. With this latest iteration, clients receive the initial install, then new SYOS configurations are deployed to all customers as they become available. One of the biggest benefits for our users is that if they see a SmartSeat v2 configuration on another site using Adage’s SYOS tool, they know they also have access to it. Adage teams don’t have to spend time setting up costly customizations for multiple organizations, and the organization’s users can simply turn on (or off) available configurations. This allows clients to set up SmartSeat exactly how their organization needs it, and get ideas and support from the community of SmartSeat v2 clients.

One Click Seat Add

This feature was built entirely based on community feedback. SmartSeat v2 was initially built to allow patrons to browse seat information by clicking around the seat map before adding seats to the cart.

However, some organizations wanted that click to immediately add a seat to the patron’s mini-cart so they could move through their purchase as quickly as possible.

SYOS - SmartSeat- Adage TechnologiesEnter One Click. Turn it off to encourage browsing for seats, or enable this feature when users want to buy tickets quickly. Seen here on the Brooklyn Academy of Music website.

Seats with a warning message will override One Click, so your ADA seats can add an extra attestation step.

Seat Information Hover

Organizations can enable seat information hovers on the Seat Map. When using One Click, this is a great way to let patrons quickly scan through seat price to determine which options best match their needs. Additional information can also be added and tied to seat type.

NYCC Seat Hover SYOS - SmartSeat- Adage Technologies

New York City Center found another use for the hovers, offering American Express card holders information on how to unlock additional savings. This information is triggered by a promo code on the filters page.

View from Seat Images

Patrons become more accustomed to getting a preview of their view during ticket purchasing. With SmartSeat v2, organizations can quickly associate a photo with a group of seats, or even every seat.

SFJAZZ View from seat Seat Hover SYOS - SmartSeat- Adage Technologies

Sound too ambitious to be true? SFJAZZ had their photographer take a photo in every seat in their venue, so they can eventually create a truly accurate and hyper-specific view from seat.

Branded Loading Icon

Custom SVGs are at the heart of SmartSeat v2. They are how we create seat maps with specialized colors and icons tied to Tessitura IDs. One special way to add a pop of branding to your SYOS is to add a custom, branded loading SVG. This is something that appears to patrons upon initial application load and moving between the filters page, seat map page and the cart.

Cleveland Orchestra Loading Animation - SmartSeat

The Cleveland Orchestra has a beautiful lotus blossom that is important to their brand (the same lotus is an architectural feature of their performance hall’s roof) and perfect for a loading SVG.

Claire Young leverages her background in broadcast media and web content creation to bring a deliverable-focused, deadline-driven approach to organizing projects. After years of leading client-facing projects for Adage, she moved to the internal role of Special Projects Manager. In this position she leads Adage’s research and development initiatives, process improvement and management of Adage’s products including SmartSeat.