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Site Search and Personalization Webinar On Demand

The Advancing Member Experience with Site Search and Personalization Webinar is available for your review. Mike Kovach and Jake Toohey, Business Development Executives from Adage Technologies partnered with .orgCommunity to provide a 30 minute webinar packed with key takeaways.

Webinar Agenda

Associations are faced with many challenges. The main challenge addressed in this webinar is that expectations for user experience – specifically finding relevant content – is set by organizations like Amazon and Netflix. In the webinar, Jake and Mike reveal ways associations can compete by providing enhanced user experience with site search and personalization techniques. Also realizing these large for-profit organizations have vastly different budgets than associations.

Jake, who specializes in healthcare-focused associations begins the webinar by bringing digital trends and expectations to your attention. Then covers the importance of understanding your members’ needs and developing member personas. Lastly, Jake shares best practices for providing members with a better search experience and options for cross-platform search.

Mike begins by diving in to personalization, what it means, and why it is important to a members’ experience. Then he covers some interesting examples of personalization and where machine learning and artificial intelligence fit into an associations’ personalization strategy.

site search and personalization member experience

An enhanced user experience and increased perceived value is not out of reach for associations. Learn about the benefits of a site search and personalization strategy now!

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