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Today’s marketing departments are on the frontline of revenue generation, yet behind the scenes are dealing with the realities of surviving the chaotic, rapidly changing environment.

More than ever before, marketers are dealing with tons of challenges. Marketers must combat the increasing difficulty of reaching prospects and deal with the need to constantly increase customer engagement, all while trying to stand out in a world of extreme commoditization. However, one of the biggest struggles a modern-day marketer faces is managing marketing technology across the organization—the technology that makes their entire job possible.

At the core of that technology is marketing automation & engagement software. You’ve all heard about it and may even have it implemented it. But is it the right software for your organization? How do you measure the value it brings to the table? Are you bouncing around from place to place to make sense of the data, or are you able to work in one location?

Is it causing you more headaches than solving problems?

Marketing automation can make or break you. It is not cheap, and the value comes when the platform is married up to the organization as the right fit—not just because of the flashy bells and whistles it brings.

A diamond in the rough has come out of nowhere; one that will change the lives of marketers working in challenging industries like associations, performing arts, entertainment, nonprofits, and tech services. This automation platform is Real Magnet.

After spending some time working in the software, here are the top three reasons why Real Magnet may be the automation platform for YOU:

1. All the benefits without the complication

As far as features are concerned, most automation platforms out there have the same ones. But what about getting all of the features without the complexity? With Real Magnet, you get the best of marketing automation features such as:

  • Lead scoring, automated messages, and campaign management.
  • Intuitive email marketing with advanced tracking and dynamic content.
  • Inbound marketing includes landing pages with advanced forms, as well as built-in SEO suggestions.
  • Website tracking and advanced social posting for a one-stop marketing mix, collecting attribution data that matters.
  • Event, webinar, and survey management are also included, adding to an insightful data stream within the prospect record.

Although these features stack up to other platforms out there, Real Magnet has paved the way for the end-user, allowing for the quick and efficient execution of all programs, powered by Real Magnet’s template format.

2. They made the automation easy (and that’s the hardest part)

The dreaded “A” word is surprisingly easy with Real Magnet. Why do you ask? They’ve created automation templates that align to YOUR industry.

You can launch your campaign in 10 minutes or less using Real Magnet’s template format with built-in logic. This logic takes you step-by-step through the entire process of creating an automated marketing campaign. Just choose the template of your industry, and then select from the plethora of campaign types—the kinds that you and your marketing team often use, such as welcome campaigns, lead generation campaigns, event promotions, or even engagement campaigns.

3. Easy to track ROI

As a marketer, your success is measured by your marketing efforts that produce results. And in most cases, marketers are pulling data from all over the place. Not anymore. Say goodbye to complex reporting and analytics. Say hello to real insight!

Real Magnet has taken an infographic approach to reporting which allows you to quickly parse and find the most relevant metrics on engagement, conversion, and overall campaign progress. Not only do the reports provide a comprehensive overview of your campaign’s status, but they also offer insights for fine-tuning your campaigns for maximum engagement, conversions, and impact. The best part: these reports are easily shared with colleagues, allowing you to quickly send along campaign status updates, comparison performance reports, and much more.

If you are ready to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, all while taking some of the work off your plate, you may want to consider adding Real Magnet to your digital marketing toolkit.

To learn more, contact us today for a quick 15-minute chat about your marketing automation needs or to set up a demo of Real Magnet for your organization. Contact us today!