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To create exceptional digital experiences with exceptional service, you have to have exceptional people in place. It is within the Adage walls that the true magic happens for our clients.

Caitlin Grogan All-Star of the Quarter Q12017

Every quarter, as a part of our company culture, the Adage employees nominate one of their coworkers who most represents our Core Values. That person becomes our All-Star of the Quarter. Although there were many employees nominated, one stood out this quarter; An employee that puts Adage clients first, ensuring quality work is delivered while developing long-lasting relationships and partnerships. We would like to introduce you to our first All-Star of the Quarter for 2017, Director of Client Services, Caitlin Grogan.

Here’s what Caitlin had to say about being the newest Adage All-Star:

1. Describe your day-to-day role at Adage Technologies.

I like to say that I help tell our clients’ stories digitally. Day to day I do that by working with both our clients and our internal teams. This runs the gamut from brainstorming sessions with clients to ideate new features to planning and testing sessions with our delivery team. I also manage our project management team, so I get the opportunity to collaborate with other project managers on their client portfolios and ensure we’re offering consistent service from team to team.

2. What is the most rewarding part of your role?

I love hearing from a client after a launch about how the Adage team helped their organization. This could mean anything from more easily connecting the public with culture in their city, or learning that a non-profit was able to increase their funding for valuable research. It makes my Adage heart jump to know these things!

3. Why is being an Adage All-Star important to you?

Support from your peers is integral to #AdageCulture. That might take the form of giving you back-up when you’ve got a lot of tickets to work through, or it might mean providing the backing vocals on a bold karaoke song selection at happy hour. For me, it’s a real honor to be recognized by my peers as an All-Star because it means that my peers have got my back, and I have got their back too. I think this kind of recognition helps me feel energized to do the best I can by my team and clients. Our core values matter a lot to me, and I want to embody them as much as possible.

4. What is your Q1 highlight? What client success are you most proud of?

 I had the opportunity to attend a client’s annual leadership conference where I was able to talk directly with their members about their digital needs. This opportunity helped me and the team come up with better technical solutions for our client that will have tangible benefits for their members.

There you have it—our Q1 All-Star, Caitlin Grogan! Caitlin embodies what Adage Technologies stands for, which is helping organizations tell a better digital story to immerse and engage their clients.

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