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My 2019 Career Resolution (Careeresolution?)

My career resolution for this year? Get the Adage word out there more!

Our 65+ active clients in the ACE (Arts, Culture, and Entertainment) space look to Adage for guidance on best practices, recommendations for greatest ROI, and updates on what’s new and upcoming. This type of information generally comes out ad-hoc in weekly status calls, emails, and on-site workshops.

Arts Marketing and Tech Resources!

This year, instead of our old ad-hoc approach, we resolve to focus on getting more of this information out in a proactive and public way. What does this mean? A marketing plan full of video tutorials to show you the best tools on the market, quarterly recap webinars to announce Adage roadmap updates, new feature and site launch announcements to see what’s innovative and out there, and blogs on blogs on blogs.

Arts Marketing Resources - New Years Resolution

Arts Admin Annual Initiatives

Even though many arts organizations follow a season-year, the start of a new calendar year is often a time we set resolutions and dust off and revisit initiatives. Just like those data hygiene goals we poked fun at in January on our Arts Admin Motivational Calendar (above).

Did you miss picking up your annual Adage calendar at TLCC last year? Email me to get your own copy.

motivational calendar

Adage Careeresolutions!

I asked some of the team here at Adage about their 2019 career resolutions and people were excited to share their goals and dreams for the year:

  • Our Director of Technology, Mathieu Agee, wants to incorporate machine learning into at least three projects this year!
  • Lead Designer, Molly Lee, will be focusing on new search capabilities and advancing her analytics knowledge.
  • Product Owner, Lauren Bowser, is excited to continue to work with existing clients to optimize and improve their sites.
  • Developer, Spencer Rudnick, wants to bridge the digital gap between organizations and their users by building a Digital Wallet app with tickets, messaging, and reminders.
  • Front End Developer Manager, Mike Avello, has just embarked on the #100DaysOfCode challenge—where every day you make sure to code something brand new.

What are your Careeresolutions™ and goals for the new year?

Share Your Thoughts

As I embark on my new goal of sharing more learning resources for arts admins about Adage, what content are you most interested in seeing from us?

Hit me up with any suggestions, and subscribe to be sure you’re on our email list!

(Much) more to come!

Digital Director, Arts, Culture, and Entertainment