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Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Your website or app is nothing without a solid hosting foundation.
Adage offers hosting on Windows 2016 / 2019 servers. We offer cloud hosting:  Managed Azure Cloud Hosting, Amazon S3 Cloud Hosting.

All of our hosting offerings can be managed by Adage managed services and DevOps to provide managed backups, redundant firewalls, software upgrades, and multi-layer monitoring.

Cloud hosting with Azure isn’t just for the Fortune 500. Ecommerce organizations of all sizes can configure an Azure deployment that’s right for them. Whether you’re a traditional retailer or an opera, Black Friday, or season on-sale, you can leverage the flexibility of Azure to tackle usage peaks with ease.

62% of IT leaders said moving to the Cloud allowed them to invest more in other areas of their business.

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Benefits of Managed Azure Cloud Hosting

No upfront investment: There’s no need to invest in equipment or rack space to get started, you can simply create an account with Azure and pay as you go.
Flexible & scalable: Azure allows you to pay for the hosting solution that best fits your needs and seamlessly scale up when your usage needs increase.
Automated patching & upgrades: Azure makes it easy to maintain your digital presence with automated updates, especially when you couple Azure with a cloud-based content management system.

Painless disaster recovery: Azure’s cloud backups simplify the process of preparing for a potential network disaster and ensure minimal downtime should an issue occur.

Rapid deployment: Azure decreases the time it takes for your IT team to roll our new features and updates. Azure also saves time by integrating directly with Microsoft applications, including Visual Studio.

Significant cost savings: With Azure, there’s no need to worry about replacing outdated hardware, finding storage space, or a sky-high electric bill. Azure can also cut costs for software licensing, and decrease the time your IT spends on hosting operations.

30% decrease in hosting costs for San Francisco Opera.

With traditional hosting, the SFO IT team faced the challenge of working with obsolete hosting equipment and unsupported server and database software. Frequent hosting outages frustrated SFO’s website visitors.

Switching over to Azure has significantly reduced outages: their site now has 99.95% availability. Azure has also lowered their maintenance costs while making it easy to scale for usage peaks.

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View our recorded webinar, To the Cloud! Making the Move to Azure Hosting, to learn more about Microsoft Azure and the conversion process from traditional to cloud hosting.

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