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Reduce load times and increase website simultaneous session capacity with load testing and website performance improvements.

Increase Simultaneous Sessions

A site that loads quickly while handling heavy traffic maintains your brand identity and creates a positive experience for patrons.


Website Performance Consultation

At the start of each performance and load testing engagement our team will review your load requirements and establish a load testing plan. Our team will review the process and provide early consultation based on our experience to get environments ready for performance testing.

Code Audit

A code audit is the first step in our performance optimization process. Our initial code audit provides an early indication of where performance bottlenecks exist in the code or hosting environment.

Simulating Load Testing

Using a suite of DevOps tools our team runs performance testing simulations at or above your simultaneous sessions target. This initial test run provides further indication of where performance bottlenecks are in your code or environment.

Code & Environment Improvements

After the initial round of performance testing our team works to remove identified performance bottlenecks. Once remediated the next round of site stress testing is performed.

Peak Load Support

During your peak load times, our team is available and actively monitoring your website performance. As your sessions reach max load our team is making sure the site stays stable and transactions flow seamlessly.

Working with Adage

At Adage we work with clients to ensure their sites load quickly to keep users engaged. We strive to create clean designs and always write code that is efficient. This helps keep load times as low as possible.  Adage can provide a code audit to validate site health. This code audit includes reviewing the site for speed, vulnerabilities, and general best practices. Based on the code audit, Adage provides recommendations by the level of severity and resolution complexity. Together, we then work with the organization to develop and deploy an improvement plan. Clients are often able to see drastic results after only a few adjustments.

User Experience Designers at a whiteboard

Code Audit

Adage has significant experience working with clients to prepare for large spikes in traffic. We do this through load testing and subsequent modifications to the code and hosting environment. This work starts with a general review of the code and environment. This step allows us to locate bottlenecks in code or environment.

Performance Testing

The second step in load testing and performance improvement is to conduct a small-scale initial load test. Simulating a large on sale we drive traffic to the site to unveil the largest bottlenecks for site traffic.

Performance Optimization

Once adjustments have been made to remove these bottlenecks, Adage will run another, larger load test with the client. From there, most of the blockers are revealed and can be adjusted before we conduct a final, proof load test. Depending on the number of concurrent site users the client requires, Adage can continue to test and make improvements as needed.