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The mobile payment revolution is coming to a website near you.

The mobile web has improved in speed and visual quality significantly over the past few years. Unfortunately, hand entering your name, phone number, and other credit cards details has remained a miserable experience on a mobile device. But fear not: Tired tappers rejoice as the mobile web payment revolution is upon us!

For the past few years, the arena of mobile purchases has been dominated by in-app purchases. This simple way of transacting results often required 20-30% of the payment going to app stores handling the payment. Two years ago we saw some new options arrive with Apple Pay and Android Pay providing an easy way to pay on a mobile phone without the additional fees. However, these tools were still setup to run from within an app only, and required additional development to configure.

Not anymore. Welcome to the new mobile pay revolution: Apple Pay and Android Pay both now offer features to pay via the web!

These new features allow these payment methods to be integrated into a website with some simple options for displaying the payment methods, contact information, and shipping options.

Apple Pay has added a new JavaScript interface in iOS 10 that was released on Sept 16, 2016. This allows a website to have a “one-click” interface from the website to open Apple Pay and confirm their information. The Apple Pay feature does require some additional setup and coding to get working correctly, but it’s a small investment for this awesome user experience.

To learn more about Apple Pay, these resources are available from their developer team.

In a similar turn of events, Android Pay is coming to the mobile Chrome browser in Q4 2016 with the version 53 release of Chrome (currently available in Chrome beta).

This feature will allow for pulling credit card information from the Google Wallet so a transaction can occur directly within the website for an easy “one-click” user experience and the default website processing of a transaction.

More details for developers on Android Pay are available here.

As we’ve mentioned many times before on our blog, a frictionless user experience on mobile (responsive!) web is the key to ecommerce success today. So don’t wait: join the mobile payment revolution and watch your mobile conversions shine!

Mathieu Agee leads development innovation and sets the standard for our technical frameworks. He personally completes deep technical reviews of new features and functions coming from our partners and determines how the Adage development team can leverage the technology for our customers. Mathieu also supervises training and mentoring efforts for our .NET developers.