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6 Interesting Websites from 2018

Every year, Adage is privileged to work with organizations from a variety of industries whose customers, members and site visitors have unique needs and expectations. We approach each project individually with a goal of advancing the organization’s purpose utilizing technology. Projects range from completely rebranded and redesigned sites to upgraded features and adding products to increase functionality. We’re excited to share with you some of our most interesting websites, including strategy, design, development and ecommerce initiatives from 2018.

Library of Parliament

Adage worked with Canada’s Library of Parliament to build out the Tessitura integration of their online Tour offerings. This project included some complex custom logic with the Tessitura API and the ability to present everything as fully multilingual. This is especially important in a country with two official languages.

Interesting websites - multilingual



As we continued to enhance IBERIABANK’s website built on Episerver, we integrated Yext for customers to review and comment on their experience working with their bankers. This feature gives IBERIABANK customers the comfort that the banker they choose to work with will be the right fit for them.

interesting websites - yext integration


Lyric Opera

We continued to rebuild Lyric Opera‘s website in a phased approach utilizing the ACE Platform for commerce. This year saw many new features, including dining reservations and some unique subscription options like voucher capabilities for fixed subscriptions, and implementing their TRADEONE offering online.

Dining reservations automatically offer patrons dining times before or after their show for the same number of diners as number of tickets purchased. TRADEONE gives subscribers additional flexibility by allowing them to “trade one” show in their series for one that is not.

interesting websites - dining reservations


Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS

Adage launched a redesign and re-brand for Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS. The website is integrated with their Association Management System allowing for a personalized experience for members as they visit the site.

We also upgraded the course and event calendar. A very important asset for visitors that features faceted search and filter capabilities. Did we mention this site won multiple awards?

interesting websites- course agenda


American Academy of Pediatrics

Upgraded features and functionality can also make for interesting websites. In 2018, Adage launched two major platforms for the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2018, an Enterprise Search Application and a Transcripts and Credit Management Tool.

Enterprise Search Application

After extensive audience-understanding research during Discovery, we learned that one of the biggest pain points for AAP members and non-members was the inability to find critical information on their web platforms and websites. Based on that qualitative research, the first major platform of the AAP’s Digital Transformation Initiative was to develop a unified search experience across all of their web properties.

Those web properties include:

  • (Sharepoint)
  • (Sharepoint)
  • (Epi Commerce and CMS)
  • (Drupal, pulling in PDFs and web content of journals and publications)
  • Silverchair (Point of Care Solutions)

Adage leveraged Episerver Find to include results from commerce, publications and general information. With the solution, users now use AAP’s search tool (not Google) to find items from AAP faster and easier. Additionally, the UI is themed depending on where the user is coming from. For example, if a site visitor comes from Healthy Children, the look and feel will match the branding of the referring site.

Transcripts and Credit Management Tool

The second web platform released in 2018 was the AAP’s Transcript & Credit Management Tool. The American Board of Pediatrics’ new Program for Maintenance of Certification in Pediatrics (PMCP) and many state boards of medical licensing require evidence of lifelong learning and self-assessment. In the past, Pediatricians had to complete their Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses, print out their certificates and fax them into the ABP, which was a significant point of frustration for members. They also had no place to see what certifications they had completed or records from the past.

Adage developed the Transcripts & Credit Management Tool so that CME credits are summarized by category, credits claimed, and an estimate of the credits required for recertification. The platform, powered by Episerver, automatically tracks member’s AAP CME credits and allows them to record your non-AAP credits in a format suitable for submission to licensing agencies.

Interesting Websites - Transcripts



SmartSeat has had another strong year, rolling out more features and more launches. SmartSeat is our truly-mobile, highly-configurable, venue builder and seat selection tool. This Adage product plays a significant role in many of our web strategy, design, development, and ecommerce projects.

We now have 14 live SmartSeat installations, including a few TNEW integrations, with even more in the works. In addition to continual optimization of the product, features that launched this year include Seat Upsells, GA Zones, and compatibility with Exchanges, Fixed Packages, Super Packages, and Choose-Your-Own or Flex Packages.

Interesting Websites Seat Selection


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