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group of people in meetingAgile Scrum

Why Teams Should Use Agile

Prior to working at Adage, I spent time in financial consulting. I worked on projects that involved software developers, and there was a noticeable difference between the teams that had and didn’t have a scrum master. The ones with a scrum master hit the deadlines and got things done.   Scrum masters are a key part of the agile methodology commonly…
Janie Jeffcoat
June 7, 2023
man working at deskEcommerceStrategy

Personalization: A B2C Common Practice Essential for Your B2B Ecommerce Strategy 

In this digital age, B2B buyers have purchasing options across the globe. A quick search allows them to find potential suppliers, compare pricing, and read reviews. To remain competitive B2B companies, particularly ones in the manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale industry, need to continuously up their ecommerce strategy.  Touted as a common B2C practice, personalization may be the game-changing addition to…
Atul Atey
May 24, 2023
Two men in a meetingDevelopmentDigital TransformationIndustry Insights

Considerations for Implementing a Digital Experience Platform

Companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google have set an extraordinarily high bar for what consumers expect from digital platforms. We’re accustomed to remarkable, instantly accessible, and seamlessly delivered experiences that would have been considered impossible just a handful of years ago.   Businesses now have no choice but to get as close to that standard as possible. With the…
Roy Chomko
May 10, 2023