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Two Business Frameworks to Make Your Business More Agile

Recently, I was invited to discuss business frameworks on an episode of Jon Voigt’s podcast, Agile Living, The Entrepreneur’s Journey. The episode titled “Two Business Frameworks That Can Make Your Business More Agile,” addresses two business frameworks, their similarities, differences, and fit for your organization.

As President and CEO of Adage Technologies, I am in continuous pursuit of becoming more agile, both professionally and personally. Being Agile is something we work toward at Adage and I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience and help other entrepreneurs on their journey to becoming more agile and adapting to a constantly changing business landscape.

About the Business Frameworks Episode

During the episode, Jon and I discuss and compare the Gazelles and Traction business frameworks and how they can help make organizations more agile and flexible. At Adage, we implemented Traction which has been instrumental in guiding the company. We chose Traction as it was mentioned in a CEO peer group that I belonged to and after reading the book, I was hooked. I believed It just what Adage needed at that time.

Implementation was a multiple-step process that should not be rushed. I began by reading the Traction book and hiring a Traction coach for a full year. Now, with a much better understanding, I can self-administer Traction practices and tailor aspects to Adage’s needs.

In the episode, we further discuss how Traction provided Adage the basics of identifying core values, market focus, long-term goals, and more. Once broken down and split into quarterly goals, it provides a guide for the entire organization to achieve goals that drive the company forward.

Traction vs. Gazelles Business Frameworks

While I chose the Traction business framework for Adage, Gazelles also has many positive aspects. With Traction, you can get off the ground faster, but Gazelles offers things Traction does not. For instance, Traction does not dictate a daily huddle. I adopted this piece at Adage and have realized many benefits like sharing good news (client wins) and allowing leadership to share cross-departmental updates on a daily basis.

Business Framework - Agile Living - Podcast - Roy Chomko

How to Listen to the Agile Living Podcast

During the podcast, you’ll hear tips for implementing a framework, how it feels on a day-to-day basis, and how it has impacted Adage from company culture to financial growth. Listen to the podcast to learn more about which framework is best for your organization.

About Jon Voigt

Jon Voigt is CEO and Co-founder of Agility CMS, a Headless Content Management System with a content-first approach to digital content distribution. Jon and I met at a technology conference last year and we stayed in touch talking about our respective business challenges.

In 2017, due to high-stress levels, Jon found his health deteriorating to the point of being hospitalized. Jon came to the realization that his life needed balance and flexibility. He began making changes in his life to help him relax and be more adaptive.

The lifestyle changes and want to help others led to Jon starting a podcast. He believes his situation can help other entrepreneurs live a more agile, adaptable, and fulfilling life.

About Agile Living

During episodes of Agile Living, Jon Voigt shares tips, strategies, and insights from Entrepreneurs and Digital Leaders across the country. Jon and his guests discuss how to make business and overall life more Agile. Each week he shares the stories of today’s most Agile entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies.

“Being Agile is all about being more flexible, adaptable and being ready to change and adjust in this ever-changing world.” – Jon Voigt, CEO & Co-founder, Agility CMS

If you are interested in learning more or simply want to connect, please reach out.