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Hospitality Website Launches 2017

Adages Technologies’ portfolio of hospitality clientele saw significant growth with notable hospitality website launches from Unico Hotel Riviera Maya, Eden Roc Hotel Miami, and Nobu Hotel Miami Beach. All three websites leverage the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, allowing for ease of use for content editors, complementary marketing technology like A/B Testing and personalization, as well as a flexible integration strategy for incorporating existing booking engines into the site.


Specific Goals and Unique Features

Each property has unique selling points for customers looking to book their next vacation with them. Adage approached the projects with our user experience and Human Centered Design to ensure that selling points such as dining, entertainment, and event options are easily found by visitors browsing the site.

As with most hospitality websites, revenue from online bookings was key, and it was taken into account from day one with all three of these projects. Integrating the websites with their respective booking engines was the baseline to make it as easy as possible for visitors to plan their stay, and providing personalized information based on visitor criteria was a way for Adage to help create a unique experience before someone even stepped foot onto hotel property. Leveraging rules based on personalization capabilities within Episerver, website visitors see different content based upon their IP location.


For all three websites, scalability and a way to future proof the solution was a key success metric. The solution Adage found for these projects was leveraging a component-driven design to allow blocks to be reused not only within a single site, but across all three hotel websites. Thus, we are able to maintain a consistent, easy-to-follow user experience, as well as create cost savings by avoiding a start from scratch with this template driven approach.

Looking Forward to 2018

As consumer attention spans continue to shrink, it is time now more than ever to make sure the customer is at the forefront of your website. Ensure that the elements that generate revenue (bookings!) are easy and personalized to visitors, providing an enjoyable experience before they even walk through the doors of your property.

As a Business Development Executive, Mike Kovach focuses on guiding and helping to grow current and new customer digital presence. Mike collaborates with the Adage team to make sure clients are following best practices aligning business goals with the ever changing digital world.